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Does Ziad Fazah really exist?
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There has been some controversy about the reality of 'Ziad Fazah'. A reader from Brazil, Mr Wagner Pietsch, kindly sent me some material that strongly supports the notion that there is a Mr Ziad Fazah and that he is a renowned polyglot.

The images Mr Pietsch sent me show 3 language manuals written by Mr Fazah. Click on the links to see the images:

French ('Ensinando a aprender Francês'):
Front Cover, Back Cover, Reference, Table of Contents
Author Biography : Page 9, Page 10, Page 11.
Methodology : Page 13, Page 14, Page 15.

Spanish ('Ensinando a aprender Espanhol'):
Cover, Reference, Back Cover

English ('Ensinando a aprender Inglês'):
Front Cover, Back Cover, Reference, Page 25, Page 26, Page 27

Language List: First and Second

Publisher: Publisher phone #

Mr Pietsch also sent me a link to Mr Fazah's books at the Brazilian National Library

I also copy Mr Pietsch's full message as how to find Mr Fazah's books on the official Brazilian ISBN registrar:

Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 10:42
Subject: Zaid Youssef Fazah - Part 4

Dear Mr. François Micheloud,
More about Mr. Ziad Youssef Fazah himself or his books.
click on "BUSCA LIVRO CBL";
choose "Pelo nome do autor";
fill with "Fazah";
click on "buscar":
you will get the "Cataloging-in-Publication" (CIP) data for "ENSINANDO A APRENDER ESPANHOL".
Author: Zaid Youssef Fazah ( Yes! He is not a myth )
Note that:
1 - The publisher's name is no long  "Casa Imagem Editorial".
The publisher current name is "Athayde"
2 - The publication date is 29/Sept/2003.
The "Câmara Brasileira do Livro" (Brazilian Book's Chamber at ) has the legal responsibillity for defining the brazilian book's ISBN number.
Wagner Pietsch.

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