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Phrases you should master perfectly
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Here's a list of the minimum phrases you should master perfectly, including the nuances and contexts in which you can say them (time of day for greetings, formality, etc...) and pronunciation.

Hello / Good morning /  afternoon /evening Beware of the exact time when you can say Good morning and so on. For example in spanish and italian, after respectively 12:00 and1 14:00 people will correct you if you say Good morning instead of Good afternoon. Say it correctly, they will respect you.
Hi ! Find the most common informal greetings, as well as the latest "in" greeting in the area you visit
My name is -
How old are you ?
Where are you from ?Also learn all the necessary explanations you need to answer this one.
Are you married ?Also learn all the necessary explanations you need to answer this one.
I'm learning your language but do not speak it very well.-
Sorry Sir, I did not understand the word XXX. You see, I'm learning your beautiful language...This one is to use when someone answered you rudely because you made a mistake or did not understand, and will turn the most insolent assholes in helpful teachers.
Could you please write this word for me ?Find the most polite formulation you can, smile and give the person a blank flash card. People are happy to look smart, and most will help you.
How do you say that in (name of your target language) ?A good tool to increase your vocabulary.
Can you please write it down? Can you please spell it?Two important companions to capitalize on the preceding phrase.

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