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Language Learning Skills class

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21 January 2009 at 11:41am | IP Logged 
Prof Arguelles

I am currently attending graduate school at a school that has a chapter of the Global Language Network, which offers a series of free language classes for anyone who wants to sign up for them. Since the school I'm in has a great international relations program, you can imagine how popular such a program would be. However, as I was looking over the list, I was wondering if they had ever considered having a class that taught different methods for learning languages, either in conjunction with a class or on one's own. As such, I was wondering what sort of advice you (of other forum members) would have for structure of the class and what sort of material could be used in it. Off the top of my head, I would think:

Memorization techniques
An introduction to Listen/Read
How to build up to advanced material
Use of dual language texts

I don't think it would have to go into the theories about language learning except as they apply to practical uses, since the audience would be language learners and not linguists.

I would be happy to get references for books to read on the subject as well.

Brett Hansen
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23 January 2009 at 1:09pm | IP Logged 
Mr. Hansen,

What you are suggesting is exactly what I have been proposing as the core of a language learning skills institute. Why not point the people in the chapter of your graduate school's Global Language Network to my site and ask them to invite me there to give a special intensive weekend seminar?

Alexander Arguelles
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23 January 2009 at 1:25pm | IP Logged 
That would be something I would really attempt to get to. I think it would be useful to many of us to have direct contact for a period of time with you Prof. Arguelles. Please keep us posted if anything comes of this.

Thank you in advance,


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