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The Ideas of TAC 2010 (General Info)

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09 December 2009 at 8:38pm | IP Logged 
annihilation of bad study habits is the ideology behind it

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09 December 2009 at 8:38pm | IP Logged 
Yes, you're correct about the meaning of Annihilation. Someone mentioned that in this phrase, it refers to completely removing your bad study habits. Strangely, the phrase never bothered me even though I didn't know what was being "annihilated".

"Annihilate" is typically used mostly in TV shows, particularly fantasy or sci-fi. It gives a sense of "extreme", "very fast", "total destruction", that sort of thing. I think it's always spoken in a very exaggerated way. In this context, I understood immediately that it meant that we should have complete focus on the task, and it would be an extreme task requiring constant effort. This would be the biggest challenge ever, and everyone should make full effort.

hopefully that helps :)

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09 December 2009 at 11:48pm | IP Logged 
Though there are other things we can annihilate as well: hurdles to understanding, fear of using the language, procrastination, and counter-productive mental attitudes, to name a few.
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10 December 2009 at 4:26pm | IP Logged 
I see the light :))

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11 December 2009 at 9:08pm | IP Logged 
Vos wrote:
This is just my personal likings.. But i would love to see the teams be a mix of languages. For example:

Say this is Team 1.

Person 1's native language is: Spanish - She or he is studying Finnish and Dutch.
Person 2's native language is: Japanese - She or he is studying English and French.
Person 3's native language is: English - He or she is studying Spanish and Polish
Person 4's native language is: Dutch - He or she is studying Japanese and Romanian

I doubt anyone is going to be studying English? As this site is mostly English-speaking and spelling mistakes are forbidden, it seems unlikely that anyone here doesn't know English. It would be amazing to be able to make study-buddy groups. If we're going to study two languages though, it means we need a study buddy in our team for both. I can help with English and French. I'd like to learn Russian and Arabic and practice my Spanish. Anyone in?

Oh, and for study-buddying, I have unlimited phone, but I don't know exactly to which countries. Anyway, if you speak Spanish, Russian or Arabic, please be in my team :).

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12 December 2009 at 8:44pm | IP Logged 
You carried on the torch, sniff :) You're also doing the team thing. Capture the flag! FFA!

Annihilate: bad habits, your target language (Kato Lomb: an enemy castle), other opponents, yourself (if you give up because it's "too hard" or any other reason).

Doviende is right, I was trying to convey the idea of hard, metal-grinding action and samurai-style dedication. It was supposed to be cool. It is cool. Then YOU guys came up with the acronym, lol.

Language is a slow, organic process. If it helps, forget about video games and think of it as a tomato or pumpkin-growing competition. You don't show up with produce from your local Safeway or another grocery store. You grow it yourself, sing to it, play classical music, you use miracle-gro and all sorts of methods, approaches and contraptions. You chat with other gardeners and compare. You have fun. You're trying to achieve above-average results in record time. When you finally pluck it, you dress up and show it off and you're a little sad but also looking forward to your next vegetable. The good news is that your plant is not easily perishable and once you help it along it needs very little attention. Alternatively, you can threaten people with a shotgun from behind your chicken fence, trash-talk other people's produce etc.

English is the "early girl" tomato. Very popular and rewarding. You're also unlikely to win any prizes with it.
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12 December 2009 at 8:56pm | IP Logged 
Welcome back, Reineke! By the way, TAC 2009 is still going on. There must be about 10-15 (of originally 60) participants who are still in the game of TAC 2009. So this year there will be people who are able to finish one whole TAC year.


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22 December 2009 at 3:21am | IP Logged 
I just happened to stumble on this website yesterday, and this thread caught my eye(s), particularly due to it's
EXTREMEness!   I love the idea of making language learning into a public challenge/competition. I think that since I
bought a pair of Nike+ shoes and started tracking my jogging miles online, I've probably doubled the amount that I
run on a regular basis. I wonder if this TAC could actually get me to studying languages? I'll give it a shot!

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