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Great Book on Russian idioms and culture

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27 December 2009 at 4:37pm | IP Logged 
I received this book for Christmas and it is excellent. I am mentioning it here because the cover and title are deceptive in that you would think that this is just an ordinary run-on-the-mill simple grammar or phrase book, but it is much more. If you are learning Russian, click on the link below and search inside the book and I am sure you will see what I mean. The author uses the expressions inside stories and narratives. Examples of some of the chapter titles are: "You Look Like a Cucumber and other Compliments", "Fishing with Dried Pasta" and "Why Going Dutch is not Russian"

Again, don't let the title and cover fool you - please click on look inside this book and look at the first few pages and I am sure you will see what a great asset this book is. Published in 2007, there is supposed to be a follow-up book soon and I cannot wait.

A Great Book of Russian idioms and culture

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29 December 2009 at 9:31pm | IP Logged 
The book looks very interesting. I've just added it to my Amazon's wish list. I wish there were more books like this on languages and cultures.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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30 December 2009 at 2:29pm | IP Logged 
I also wanted to say thank you for the heads-up. You're right, the title is wholly misleading. I wish there were more books like this.
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01 January 2010 at 5:33pm | IP Logged 
This book is from the pages of Russian Life magazine. They print three books on Russian language all three are worth having. They also have Russian lessons in the back of the Magazine.

For those who remember the cold war, it was called Soviet Life. It was published by agreement between the USA and CCCP governments. Each country printed a monthly magazine about life in that nation and sold it in the other nation.

Russkiy Mir Foundation is the support for the Russian Life's Russian language lessons. If you visit RMF web site you can do load the Russian Deluxe software for free. It has many helpful aids for learning Russian.

Russian Life's website has other helpful books on Russian culture. The cookbook is very good for making a Russian dish.

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25 February 2010 at 8:04pm | IP Logged 
Spasibo for the link translator2, it looks like a fun read. I'll be sure to check this one out when my Russian improves a bit... :)

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