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German based Spanish program ?

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06 March 2010 at 9:09pm | IP Logged 
Hi all,

I want to learn Spanish (I would be an absolute beginner)! My mother tongue is German but my English is pretty good (imo ;-)). So I could either use a German based program (tapes, textbook, eventually a software) or an English one. I think I intuitively would prefer a German based one. Thefore I have two Questions:

1. Does anybody know a good/quality Spanish method/programm in German?
[There might exist a thread about this question and I searched the forum but couldnt find anything - does anybody know an existing tread/link?]
A thing that would also help is if somebody knew a forum/website like this with a German community (didnt find one yet).

2. Is it a good idea to learn a new language with a method which is not based on your mother tongue? Any experienced or objective disadvantages?      

Thanks to all readers. Danke auch an alle Muttersprachler :)

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06 March 2010 at 9:34pm | IP Logged 
Assimil's "Spanisch ohne Mühe heute" would be one place you could start. You can search the forum for a lot about Assimil.

As a supplement, Kauderwelsch might be worth a look.

Forget about software; none of it is worth it yet, except as a side-tool.

Viel Glück.
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