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12 January 2011 at 3:31pm | IP Logged 
ericspinelli wrote:
I'm curious. Can anybody tell me what FLR actually stands for?

Foreign Language Roadrunner.
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13 January 2011 at 3:59pm | IP Logged 
I haven't watched a lot of his videos (I have to download, so it all takes too much time and effort) but the way I interpreted "Keywords" could be perhaps described as "expanders". Things that force you to say more than the bare minimum. I thought it was interesting because my own style had always been to do the minimum to make myself understood, and that trying to make more elaborate sentences would sound like a schoolboy textbook. But now I realise that "more elaborate" can actually also be "more natural".
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24 January 2011 at 4:08am | IP Logged 
ericspinelli wrote:
I'm curious. Can anybody tell me what FLR actually stands for? Thanks.

As someone said it's "Foreign Language Road Running" and you can see the videos and get links to his other sites Here, but the name refers to the learning pace, i.e like the bird in the roadrunner cartoon.

Here's an overview:
It's a 4 step 2 week "boot camp", typically followed by a Teach Yourself book in a 3 tiered approach (listening, writing, speaking each in one hour sessions every day) until you hit intermediate (in roughly three months).

Why the name? It's real fast. You get only what you need, to get up and running in the language, i.e. the boot camp stage. Next, you hit an audio-lingual type book, usually Teach Yourself for elementary to intermediate, and then you run with what you got from that in your journal, your listening practice and in your chatroom time. With the keywords, you are taking apart dialogues in the TY book and reconstructing them into original texts using the ones learned in boot camp and cumulatively the ones from previous units (you can see a full example here). At the same time you're doing that, you'd also be putting that knowledge directly into targeted practice in a chatroom, and, eventually, revisiting old units of TY that you had done and re-enforcing what you'd learned through intensive listening practice.

One point that is not to be dismissed, I think, is that when he says he looks up every grammar point in the TY writing stage, and combines 2 or 3 units of TY in order to practice grammar points in relation to each other, he doesn't move on until each point has been fully understood. So, there's something in common with Michel Thomas on that point, and it's a rather important point as I think it's one thing that sets both MT and FLR apart from the rest.

Anyway, that's what I've picked up from the videos. Maybe you have a different interpretation? About the keywords, it doesn't seem mysterious to me at all. Although he doesn't say so explicitly, it seems clearly to be the high frequency words of the language (what learners need to learn first in order to 'bootstrap' the rest of the language). They tend to fall in 3 categories: 1) question words, 2) conjunctions and adjuncts (or adverbials), as well as 3) the tense/mood forming verbs.

Intentionally or not, I think Moses has essentially "hacked" language learning, and the (astounding) results can be seen on his YouTube channel.

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22 August 2012 at 3:44am | IP Logged 
Has anyone bought this program?
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22 August 2012 at 4:30am | IP Logged 
JayR9 wrote:
Has anyone bought this program?

Moses' motto was always "I can't teach you a language, you have to teach yourself"...and he has skillfully achieved this in his product in several ways, based on the preview.

At least, seeing the YT videos and preview linked to his website, there was a clear problem: his English! The course was full of double negatives, spelling and other distracting mistakes. The "keywords" were not catered to the target language either, but were the same for all of them. In a word, it did seem like an egregious middle finger to his loyal fanbase (like me) who expected to find more substance than merely his homemade logo on the box.

As par for this course, it was also expensive (like 'Rosetta Stone' expensive); you were apparently supposed to also buy a Teach Yourself course to apply his book and DVD to; and his attitude about the price on YT, and insistance on using non-professional to record with, really brought out the "I can't teach you" message.

So, I had to agree with him in the end: 'no, you really can't'. Please, someone who paid for it, tell me I'm wrong :-)
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23 November 2015 at 6:49pm | IP Logged 
I have spent 160 usd on 4 courses and they're horrible. At first I thought it would be
a program like Rosetta Stone or something, but it's just a notepad and couple of audio

It's not supposed to teach you the language. All you do learn is how to recognize
frequently asked questions from the native speakers and how to answer them.
There are only about 35 sentences or so and they are basically the same: (Who's
teaching you x? Who taught you x? Who did you learn x from? What are your hobbies? -
Fishing and video games. Why are you learning x? - Because I want to go to xland

Arabic - missing parts in transliteration
Japanese - this one's good, but again, missing particles in transliteration, why does
it cost 40 dollars if there was no proofreading of any sort.
Cantonese- too fast-paced, the Mandarin course is for newbies, but this one is at
normal speed and it's really difficult to say something longer
Mandarin - hypercorrect by a Taiwanese speaker (probably his wife). She tries to
correct the way informal Taiwanese Mandarin sounds, but I guess she should've
pronounced it the way she speaks at home.

example: Gongzuo pronounced as gongzhuo etc.

The only thing I like about the course is the rat logo :D If it was 40 dollars for
both levels at least, but 80 usd for level 1 and 2, while you can get hundred times
more sentences in other courses is laughable.

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19 February 2016 at 1:56am | IP Logged 
I like Moses and I was really interested in trying his stuff until I saw his videos on Spanish.

Everything seemed off and unnatural. I'm in Spain now but I've been around Latin Americans as well.
The translations for the questions/responses didn't use common language.

All in all, I think he's better with the Asian languages but it's clear his Spanish needs a lot of work.

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