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05 January 2012 at 10:08am | IP Logged 
Yeah I think so. I think in California, at least, they call it an "absentee ballot" when you vote by mail. At least this is the term I've heard for many years.

I see what you mean, thanks, yeah that makes sense. posteissa -- at the post offices.
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06 January 2012 at 8:57am | IP Logged 
「生きるために、食べるために、労働はうま れた」と言われますが、それはヒト以外の動 物も同じで、生きるために食べものを求めて 活動しています。
Though they say "To live, to eat, work was born", this is also the same for animals other than people, as to live action must be taken to find food.

ヒトがほかの動物と異なるのは、社会という 集団生活をおこなう点ですが、これはサルや ゾウや鳥たちに限らず、アリやハチなどの虫 たちも含め、多くの動物は集団生活をおこな っているので、単に集団生活だけをとらえて 、ヒトをほかの動物と区別するわけにはいき ません。
People differ from animals in this way, although we live in a group we call society, this is also true of apes, elephants and birds, even including ants, bees, and insects, many animals live their lives in collective groups, simply living in a group does not necessarily distinguish humans from other animals.

社会を形成するという点に着目しても、原始 的なレベルではサルの集団とほとんど差異が ありません。
If we consider the isssue of the formation of societies, at the primitive level, there's not much difference with the ape societies.

ところが、ヒトは二足歩行により前足を自由 にしました。
Nevertheless, because people are bipedal, the front feet have become free.

つまり手をもち、そのことで自然物を道具に することができました。
In short, by having hands tools could be made.

さらにみずからの手で、その道具を改善する ことができました。
Furthermore, with one's own hands, one could improve those tools.

素材=そざい=raw materials
そして新しい素村で新しい道具をつくりだす ことができたという点こそが、ほかの動物と 明らかにちがい、一線を画することになった といわれています。
Also, especially as new new tools could be made with new raw materials, it's said that one could draw a line, the difference between other animals became obvious,

サルは身のまわりにあるものを道具として使 うことができますが、つくりだすことはでき ないのです。
Although apes can use things around them as tools, they cannot create things.

So, from this there is an important point.

のみならず=besides, as well
道具によって、自分ひとりあるいは子どもを 養うことのみならず、働けなくなった、つま り食べ物を自分で得ることができなくなった 年老いた親を、ヒトは養うことができるよう になります。
Because of tools, people have the ability to support, not just themselves, or a child, but those that have become unable to work, in short those old parents who have become unable to obtain food on their own,

親のめんどうをみることこそが、ヒトがほか の動物と決定的に異なる点です。
Certainly, looking after their parents, is a decisive difference between people and other animals.

もちろん、以前はいまのような長寿が約束さ れたわけではないので、働けない年齢になっ たら基本的には自然にしんでいくというのが 大部分でしたが、それでもいわゆる生産不能 になった高齢者たちも共存できる社会を、人 類はずいぶん前からもっていたようです。
Of course, that doesn't mean previously the longevety was long as what's expected now, when reaching the age of being unable to work, although fundamentaly the natural thing to happen for the majority would be to die, yet man kind has from a long time past been able to support this society that can coexist with the so called 'un productive old people.'

つまり、道具の利用と開発によって、ヒトは 生産者と高齢者以外も生活できる余剰生産が 可能になり老親たちが生存できたわけです。
In short, because of the development of the use of tools, the productive people and those other than old people have the possibility to create a surplus, and for this reason old parents can survive.   

職業あるいは労働などという概念ができたの は、長い人類史の中ではつい最近のことです 。
The concept of business or manual labor was created, in the long period of human history this was a recent idea.

このような理解に立つと、いわゆる生産能力 がない人や乏しい人が暮らせる社会こそが、 人類が長年求めてきた夢の社会なのです。
For this kind of understanding to hold up, for the unproductive and poor to be able to live in the society, mankind has come to have a society that allows for the dream of pursuing a long life.

豊かな社会とはこの夢が実現した社会のこと だと、私は確信しています。
If the society is abundant, then the the society can provide for this dream to be realized. I truly believe this.
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06 January 2012 at 10:06am | IP Logged 
Jouluna alkaneet sähköviat tulevat sähköyhtiöille kalliiksi.
The electrical power breakdowns began in December bringing with the them expenses for the electric companies.

Esimerkiksi sähköyhtiö Fortum sanoo, että sähköviat maksavat yhtiölle noin 45 miljoonaa euroa.
For example, the electric company Fortum says that the electric power failures cost the company about 45 million Euro.

Myös sähköyhtiö Vattenfall on kertonut, että sähköviat maksavat yhtiölle noin 11 miljoonaa euroa.
Also the electric company Vattenfall has said that power failures cost the company about 11 million Euro.

Viranomaiset määräävät, että Fortum joutuu maksamaan korvauksia asiakkailleen.
Officials decree that Fortum must pay compensation to customers.

Fortum maksaa asiakkailleen korvauksia noin 17 miljoonaa euroa.
Fortum pays customers compensation of about 17 million Euro.

Fortum joutuu maksamaan asiakkailleen korvauksia, jos sähkö on ollut kauan pois.
Fortum must pay customers compensation because electricity has been off for a long time.

Loput rahat menevät sähköverkon korjaamiseen.
The remainder of the money goes to electric network repairs.

Sähkövikojen korjaus jatkuu edelleen.
Repairs to the electrical grid damage still continues.

Torstaina ilman sähköä oli vielä noin 2 000 sähköyhtiöiden asiakasta.
Thursday there were still about 2,000 electric company customers without power.

Sähköyhtiöiden ongelmat alkoivat joulun jälkeen, kun Suomessa oli kova myrsky.
Electric company's troubles began after Christmas, when Finland had a severe storm.
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06 January 2012 at 2:12pm | IP Logged 
I think your log will be a very useful resource when I finally get to studying Finnish. It's great how motivated you are to write something here so often in your target language. I think there are 3 people in our team who are motivated to learn a language because of their heritage - you, Kafea and ChristianVlcek, I envy you all!
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08 January 2012 at 8:11am | IP Logged 

weave hope

Build the future

悲しみと混迷から、明日へ風土や歴史が映す 心
From the sadness and chaos, tomorrow the landscape and history cast a shadow on the heart.

未曽有の被害をもたらしに東日本大震災後、 初めての年が幕を開けた。
After the unprecensted damage from the east Japan earthquake diaster, the curtain of the new year opens.

癒える=いえる=to recover
今も癒えぬ悲しみと東京電力福島第一原発事 故をめぐる混迷の中で、日本はどのような未 来を創ることができるのか、
Now in the midst of the chaos from the sad and still unresolved Fukushima nuclear accent, what kind of future can Japan build?

海外におけ日本文学研究の第一人者で、震災 後に日本国籍取得を表明したドナルド・キー ン米コルンビア大名誉教授と、被災地と向き 合い続ける作家の池澤夏樹さんが対談した。
The leading overseas Japanese literature researcher, Donald Keen, the Columbia professor emeriturs who after the quake announced his acceptance of Japanese nationality the Columbia professor emeritus, and Natsuki Ikezawa, the author who is continuing to face the disaster area, had a conversation.

この国の風土、歴史、文学を通じて浮び上が る日本人の心性、その深いまなざしの先で紡 がれる「希望」が、明日への一歩を照らし出 す。
Though this country's landscape, history, literature, the Japanese disposition can arise. Although, from this profound view are spun dreams, tommorow only a small step step will be illuminated.

生涯=しょうがい=one's lifetime
キーン 私の生涯で一番大事なものは日本と の関係です。
Keen: In my entire life, the most important things have been Japan related.

私が書いた本のほとんどは日本の文学や文化 を題材にしています。
The books I have written have been mostly on the subject of Japanese literature and culture.

友人の生活を愛していますし、友人やご近所 にも恵まれています。
Because of the love of a friend's lifestyle, I've been blessed with friends and neighbors.

大震災で、日本にいた多くの外国人が自国に 帰っていると報道で知り、ともかく一人だけ でも逆へむかおうと決意しました。
With the great quake, reports are that many foreigners living in Japan have returned to their home countries, somehow one person alone has the termination to go the opposite direction.

池澤  日本の国籍を取得し、永住するとい うのは、「日本人になる」ということですよ ね。
Ikezawa: Because of accepting Japanese nationality, by living in Japan permanently, you could say you've become Japanese.

実際に「なる」というのはどういうをお気持 ちすか?
In practice, how do you feel about 'becoming Japanese?'

キーン  戦時中、作家の高見順は母を疎開 させるために上野駅に行き、そこに静かに並 んで列車を待つ大勢の人を見て、この国民と ともに生き、ともに死にたいと日記に書きま した。
Keen: During the war in order to evacuate author Takami Jun's mother, he went to the Ueno station.   Here he saw many people quietly lined up waiting for the train. He wrote in his diary that he wants to live with these people and that he wants to die with these people.

それはいつの間にか私の気持ちにもなりまし た。
This sense, which came on recently, is how I've come to feel.

日本永住を表明すると、多くの人から「勇気 をもらった」と礼状が届きました。
To announce that I'll live permanently in Japan, I've must acknowledge the courage that I've received from many people.

生涯=しょうがい=one's lifetime.
生まれて初めて人に勇気を与えたと分かり、 私の生涯で最も重要な出来事の一つとなりま した。
For the first time in my life, I've come to understand the courage that one receives; in my life, this has come to be the most important event.

今となってはなぜもっと早くそうしなかった のかと思っています。
Now that it's happeneed, I wonder why I didn't realize this earlier?

背を向ける=pretend not to see
どちらかと言うと=if pushed I'd say
池澤  僕は国文学を多く読んできて、日本 以外の国でも暮らし、どちらかと言うと日本 に背を向けてきました。
Ikezawa: I've read a lot of literature, and living in a country other than Japan, I'd have to confess that I kind of ignored Japan.

他国の事情をしり、日本に持ち帰るのが自分 の仕事だと思ったんです。
Knowing the circumstances of other countries, I thought it was my job to bring things from Japan back to my country.

それは震災を機に、もう一度気持ちが日本に 向いてきている気がする。
The earthquake gave me a chance, to once moreo have a feeling that I should face japan.

例えば、以前は桜という花があまり好きでは なかった。
For example, previously, I wasn't so fond of the Cherry blossoms.

見いだす=to find out
咲いてことにすぐに散る美的な価値を見いだ す日本的心情にうまく乗れなくて。
I couldn't quite share in the the typically Japanese feeling in noticing the aesthetic value of the blooming and disappearing of the flowers.

特攻隊=とっこうたい=special attack unit
The is best example of this during the war regarding the special attack unit.

However, of course, this country had Cherry bloossoms.

慰める=なぐさめる=to comfort.
If the flowers bloom a sense of relief was felt, and they were comforted.

キーン 桜は東北が最もきれいだと言われま すが、私もそう信じるようになりました。
Keen: It's said that the Cherry trees in North-East Japan are the most beautiful, I've also come to believe souch a thing.

吉野をはじめとする日本各地の桜は本当に美 しいものです。
Starting with the Yoshino, each region of Japan's Cherry tree's are truly beautiful.

しかし、黒い森の中であでやかに咲く東北の 桜にこそ、桜の本質を見る気がします。
However, in the midst of the black forest with a particularly attractive tree of North east Japan, I feel one can see the true essence of the cherry tree.

千本桜より森で光を放つ一本の桜、その姿が 東北的にも思えます。
More than 1000 cherry trees, in a forest, the light passing through a single cherry tree, I can think this sight is special to north-east Japan.

池澤 「深草の野辺の桜し心あらば今年ばか りは黒染めにさけ」。 (This must be a famous quote, because I see it all over the net)
Ikezawa: "Fukusaku field's cheery tree spirit, this year is merely the bloom of black dye" ??   


Ahh, now, the collection.

投げ掛ける=to raise
大事な人を亡くして悲しいときに、明るい色 の桜は咲いてほしくないという気持ちを自然 に投げ掛けている。
At the sad time of the death of so many people, it's natural to throw out the feeling of not wanting the bright colors of the Cherry trees.

For last year this was appropriate, I'm thinking.

And yet, the cheery trees bloom with all of their splendor.

And then because of that, it was good and peace was felt.

Yes, complex feeling, I'd say.

方丈=ほうじょう=chief priest
キーン 方丈記に書かれた地震や源氏物語の 野分(台風)などの例外はありますが、日本 文学で災害を書いたものは驚くほど少ない。
Keen: The quake quake described in the priest's journal, and the typhoon in the tale of Genji are the exception, in Japanese literature it's suprising how seldom disasters are written about.

瑞穂の国=みずほのくに=Japan, the land of abundant rice
多くの災害があり、悲しくても「瑞穂の国」 として自然に畏敬の念を抱いていたというこ とでしょうか。
There are many disasters, even though it's sad "Japan, the land of Abundant Rice" kind of embraces the idea of holding reverence for nature.


池澤 国土愛ですね。
Ikezawa:   Love of the land, isn't it?

ヨーロッパで時々「日本には英知はあっても 、きちんと論理化された哲学がない」と言わ れます。
In Europe sometimes they say that though Japan has wisdom, it doesn't exactly have a logical philosophy.

そういうとき、僕は「じゃあ、フランスには 季節はいくつある? 日本には30も40も あるよ。 われわれは、桜の咲き始め、満開 、散るときは、違う季節だと思っている」と 話すんです。
At times like this, I say "Well, how many seasons does France have? Japan has 30-40. We the time that cherry blossom start to bloom time, the time they are in full bloom, the time that they fall, these are all diferent seasons, I think"

そういう細かな変化を日本の自然は次々と見 せてくれる。
We are made to see thiese kinds of tiny change in Japan's nature, one after another.

それを美しいと思い、短い時などを書くうち に、時は流れていく。
That's beautiful, I think. within the short time it takes to write, time as passed away.

だから論理化された哲学の代わりに、日本に は文学があったんじゃないか。
Therefore instead of logical philosophy, doesn't Japan have literature?

主題=しゅだい=main theme
日本文学の主題はいつでも、 「移りゆく時 をみている自分たち」なのだと思うんです。
Japanese literature's main them is always about us watching the change with the times, I think.

いたずらに=in vain
キーン ヨーロッパの人は、ものがいたずら に変化することを喜びません。
Keen: Europeans are always hopelessly unthrilled about the change in things.

古くはギリシャ時代から「永遠」を意識し、 大理石の神殿を建てました。
From the times of Ancient Greece, there was an awareness of the eternal, and they built marble temples.

どれほど時間がたとうと変わらない何かに希 望を託したのです。
They entrusted in the hope that after so much time passes something would not change.

一方で日本人はものが変わっていくことを受 け入れ、場合によっては喜びを感じてきまし た。
On the other hand Japanese are accepting that things change, depending on the situation, of course, a sense of joy can be felt.

池澤  被害のたびに、それまで営々と築い てきたものを全部笑って、身内をたくさん亡 くして、みんな大声で泣いて、それでもなん とかあきらめて立ち上がって、またつくる。
Ikezawa: Each time there's damage, all unceasing work done to build things is all laughed at, with many relatives died, everyone sobbing loudly, even then, with somehow everyone giving up on recovery, things are again rebuilt.

そのうちに良いことがあり、楽しいときも来 て、その繰り返しで人生や歴史はできている 。
One of these days a good thing will happen, the happy times will come, then again the cycle repeats, and human life and history can be made.

たから、たぶん「永遠」のことは考えなかっ たんでしょうね。
As a rusult, probably no one ever considers 'eternity.'

無常感=むじょうかん=sense of vanity in life
Because the change in things, or the sense of vanity in life, is at the center of things.

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08 January 2012 at 8:27am | IP Logged 
hribecek wrote:
I think your log will be a very useful resource when I finally get to studying Finnish. It's great how motivated you are to write something here so often in your target language. I think there are 3 people in our team who are motivated to learn a language because of their heritage - you, Kafea and ChristianVlcek, I envy you all!

Heh, okay, though, uh, be careful what you wish for.   It is a little different learning a heritage language. I'm not sure how to describe it.   I think maybe it's a matter of learning of new things, as it is with everyone else, but it's also a kind of self-discovery process also. For me, initially, there was a bit of awkwardness and strange feelings associated with these languages, I think once I stopped being embarrassed about being a beginner, then well, it just became a matter of hitting the books and audio programs, just like everyone else.

The Sami language I do find fascinating. I thought I had a big language project myself with Finnish and Japanese, but I think Kafea and learning a language like Sami is truly a heroic project.   I'm looking forwards to seeing how this goes.   
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08 January 2012 at 10:05am | IP Logged 
velka->velkojen (G-PL)
Monilla ihmisillä on ongelmia velkojen kanssa joulun jälkeen.
Many people have problems with debt after Christmas.

Tämä näkyy niin, että monet tarvitsevat nyt velkaneuvojan apua.
This shows that that many now need help from a debt advisor.

Monet ovat ottaneet esimerkiksi pikavippejä, koska he tarvitsivat rahaa jouluostoksiin.
For example, many have taken express loans (payday loans), because they need money for Christmas shopping.

takuu=guarantee, bond
Monet ihmiset soittavat esimerkiksi Takuu-Säätiöön, joka tarjoaa velkaneuvontaa.
For example, many people call the "Bond Institution"? which gives loan counseling.

ehtiä->ehditä=find time
puhelu=phone calls (ILL PL)
Soittajia on niin paljon, että kaikkiin puheluihin ei ehditä vastata.
There are so many callers, that there isn't time to answer all the phone calls.

Myös monet eläkeläiset tarvitsevat velkaneuvonnan apua, koska heillä ei ole rahaa velkojen maksuun.
Also many pensioners need help from loan advisors because they do not have money for debt payments.
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09 January 2012 at 3:32am | IP Logged 
ehdokas=candidate (gen-pl)
YLE Uutiset on selvittänyt presidenttiehdokkaiden raha-asioita.
YLE News has clarified the presidential candidate's money situation.

kokoomus=constitution (gen)
Kokoomuksen presidenttiehdokas Sauli Niinistö on sijoittanut eniten rahaa arvopapereihin.
Constitution's presidential candidate Sauli Niinistö has invested the most money in financial products.

rahasto=fund (ILL PL)
osake=share (ILL PL
Niinistö on sijoittanut 600 000 euroa esimerkiksi rahastoihin ja osakkeisiin.
So Niinistö has invested 600,000 Euros in funds and shares.

Myös sosiaalidemokraattien Paavo Lipponen, ruotsalaisen kansanpuolueen Eva Biaudet ja kristillisdemokraattien Sari Essayah omistavat osakkeita.
Also, the Social Democratic Paavo Lipponen, the Swedish People's Party's Eva Biaudet and the Christian Democrat Sari Essavah own shares.

kiinteistö=real estate (PTV PL)
Keskustan presidenttiehdokas Paavo Väyrynen omistaa paljon kiinteistöjä, esimerkiksi asunnon Helsingissä ja talon Pohjois-Suomessa.
Center's presidential candidate Paavo väyrynen owns a lot of real estate, for example a residence in Helskinki and a house in northern Finland.

Vain kolmella presidenttiehdokkaalla on velkaa.
About three presidential candidates have debts.

vasemmistoliitto=Left Alliance of Finland
Velkaa on SDP:n Paavo Lipposella, keskustan Paavo Väyrysellä ja vasemmistoliiton Paavo Arhinmäellä.
SDP's Paavo Lipponen center's Paavi Väryrnen and the Left Alliance of Finland's Paavo Arhinmäki have debts.

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