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Books, Programmes etc to learn Estonian?

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16 January 2011 at 9:14pm | IP Logged 
Hi everyone,
I'm desperately looking for somewhat more extensive resources to learn Estonian - but in Russian. I already have everything available in German or English, but that's all just for Beginners.
As there are many Russians in Estonia who have to learn the language at school or university, I think there must be some good books etc not only for beginners which should be available in Rusian language.
And I really, really need some kind of grammar book, too.
Does anyone know some useful books, CDs or whatever?

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17 January 2011 at 5:24am | IP Logged 
Take a look at the section "Books" in the Estonian profile on HTLAL. It may list something that you don't already have in English (it doesn't have anything about material published in German or Russian)

For material meant for Russian-speakers, I don't remember there being much. However I know of the following:

Абен, К. "Учебник эстонского языка", 1957
Леберехт, X. "Мы говорим по-эстонски", 1989
Пялль Э. "Грамматика эстонского языка в таблицах", 1955
Siirak, Aino. "Грамматика эстонского языка в таблицах", 1994
Sooneste, Maie. "Eesti keele õpik. Vene õppekeelega gümnaasium", 2007

As far as know none of the above come with audio, however.

Do you have Juhan Tuldava's “Estonian Textbook: Grammar - Exercises - Conversation”? Even though it's not a pure reference manual on Estonian grammar, it has succint notes on Estonian grammar including on advanced topics such as oblique mood and passive voice.

Have you also considered ordering material published in Estonia? On my last trip to Estonia I came across quite a few items while browsing in various bookshops. Here're a couple of sets that looked interesting to me:

Ahi, Helve & Pesti, Mall. “E nagu Eesti”, 2003 (course for novices)
Ahi, Helve & Pesti, Mall. “T nagu Tallinn”, 2006 (course for intermediate-level students)

Kitsnik, Mare & Kingisepp, Leelo. “Naljaga pooleks”, 2006 (course for novices)
Kitsnik, Mare & Kingisepp, Leelo. "Avatud uksed", 2002 (course for intermediate-level or advanced students)

Both sets come with audio accompanying each level (1 or 2 CDs per part). If I remember correctly, "Avatud uksed" can come with a workbook and a teacher's guide while "E nagu Eesti" can come with a set of flash-cards and teacher's guide.

In case you also are looking for some dictionaries, I strongly recommend getting Eesti keele rahvasõnaraamat because it shows inflected forms of almost all Estonian words in several cases or tenses and forms (e.g. genitive, partitive, illative and inessive forms for nouns and adjectives; -ma and -da infinitives for verbs). There is also an online version of the explanatory dictionary of Estonian compiled by Eesti Keele Instituut, and you can also use it to find out inflected forms of words by referring to the model words linked to each entry.

Seeing that you're trilingual, you have a bigger choice among bilingual dictionaries of Estonian than I do and I'm sure that you already have at least a couple already on your shelf. For the record, I used Inglise-eesti, eesti-inglise taskusõnastik, Inglise-Eesti sõnaraamat and Eesti-inglise sõnaraamat as my bilingual dictionaries while studying Estonian.
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