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Teach yourself Old English?

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09 March 2011 at 6:36pm | IP Logged 
If you need Old English audio, you need to check out
Anglo Saxon Aloud.

Michael Drout is an English professor with a specialization in Anglo-Saxon (Old English) and has done several
courses for the Modern Scholar,
including one on the history of the English language. His audio courses are excellent, and his recordings of Old
English materials are free. I highly recommend checking them out.

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21 March 2011 at 10:56pm | IP Logged 
Along with Teach Yourself Old English by Mark Atherton there is also First Steps in Old English by Stephen Pollington together with the 2 CD set 'Old English Poems, Prose and Lessons'. The two together are pretty good for getting a foundation in Old English.

Certainly better than going to hear Beowulf and the The Battle of Maldon read by a crusty university lecturer (who strangely insisted on wearing an academic gown) from the days when I did Old English as a unit during my degree.
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17 May 2011 at 1:54pm | IP Logged 
Professor Michael Drout's reading of the entire corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records is a monumental task, but the best thing at the site is his comment from Jan 10, 2010:

There will be a short delay in Anglo-Saxon Aloud postings. My dog has decided that he either does or doesn’t like Ælfric, and so he chimes in on the recordings from the other room. I may have to adjust when I do the recordings, or perhaps Lancelot will get used to Ælfric.

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