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01 July 2012 at 11:18pm | IP Logged 
Late thanks for your help. I have been very busy the last weeks.
I thought about the electronic dictionaries and I also thought about an e-book reader. I prefer the e-book reader with an include dictionary.
The next book I want to read with lwt, so I don’t plan to buy anything. The e-book reader will still be existed in a few months.

Today I finished lesson 27. I wait for the active phase.

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09 September 2012 at 9:51pm | IP Logged 
I still learning Swedish; slowly but continuous. Now I'm in lesson 38. You see 10 lessons in 2 months. Frustrating, I shouldn't read other logs like “I finished Assimil in a week”....
After I have finished an Assimil lesson, I put the sentences into Anki. My computer stopped working 4 weeks ago, so I brought it to the repair-service. Last Monday I got it back. I used the time to rework my deck. I converted the audio into mp3 and I switched to Anki 2. There are still waiting over 800 cards for repetition. So that’s will be my exercise for the next days.

I only have one exam left this semester. After this exam I'll have one week free. No university things to do and I get a few days off at my part time job. So I could focus on other things.

I finished the novel by Agatha Christie one month ago. I received “The Pleasures of Men” by Kate Williams as a present. So this will be my next project.
I should use lang-8, it was hard to write this text and I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes.
Never stop to learn you will forget everything.
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06 October 2012 at 2:50pm | IP Logged 
The last weeks I focused on Swedish. I signed up for a Swedish course. The course starts at 24 this month.
I have the vocabulary list for the course, so I've started to learn them.

I have some troubles with the pronunciation. Particulary with ths sk, sj and k.
If I try to speak them they will sound very odd. At the moment, my favourite word is sjuksköterska.

I never was able to trill the r. I had to learn Spanish at school and I had the same problems there.

I hope the teacher will correct some of my pronunciation mistakes.
I was looking for some pictures for the pronunciation. How to hold you tongue ... Like this one
But I only found this n-hweh/

I create another English deck in anki. Now, I'm trying to create an English-English deck. I'm not sure about the layout. At the moment I see the English word, I want to learn. On the other side I see the explanation and examples.
Normally I learn I German-target language, in both direction.

Corrections are always welcome.

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06 October 2012 at 11:40pm | IP Logged 
Hej Mareike,

I'm also learning Swedish. On the topic of 'sj' and 'sk', I've been told they're pretty
much the same sound. What this sound is seems to vary depending on the dialect spoken.
Right now I'm in Norrland and I find it impossible to pronounce it the way they do here
(to me it sounds indistinguishable from the 'tj' sound in 'tjugo'), but I am entirely
capable of pronouncing it the way it's said in my textbook and the Swedes I'm living
with tell me it's comprehensible. I don't know IPA so I can only approximate its
phonology, but, to take an example, the word 'sju' sounds something like if a native
English speaker said 'hwoo'.

As for 'k', perhaps the reason for your confusion is that it's pronounced a different
way depending on the vowel that proceeds it? Compare 'katt' and 'kör' - the former is
the same as the standard English 'k' sound, while the 'k' in the latter is more akin to
the 'sh' sound of English (as in 'sheep', 'shore', etc.), and I believe it's the same
sound as the 'tj' in 'tjugo'.

I hope this helps. I know you feel your English isn't at a high level so perhaps the
English-based examples aren't very useful, but since I don't know German they're the
best I can do. I'm also (obviously) not a native Swedish speaker, so if a Swede
corrects me, listen to them!
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07 October 2012 at 6:10pm | IP Logged 
Hi lizardon,

thanks for your answer.

Assimil compare the sj/sk to the German sch. My dictionary say ant .
And another textbook say
The second link have also some comments about Swedish dialects. It will be also interesting without knowing the IPA.
Maybe the audio uses different dialects.

Lycka till med dina studier.
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15 December 2012 at 11:12pm | IP Logged 
So 6 month later:

I still haven't finished Assimil.
I'm now at lesson 54 (passiv)/ lesson 5 (active).
I signed up for a Swedish course in the local adult education center, called VHS/Volkshochschule in Germany.
I looked this expression up in leo, but I'm confuse by the word adult. In the course I've taken, we have a mixture of people from different ages. I will continue the course in Januar/Februar.
I participate in the 6 weeks contest at this forum.
I realised that I do a lot of Anki. Besides my study and work, it's realistic to say, that my daily study time is max. 1 hour.
I did a lot of theoretical plans with more hours, to reach a goal faster, but this is unrealistic.
Another thing is that I'm trying to understand my brain, it's really easy for me to remember the grammar rules. Just remember them and use them for the standard grammarbased tests/exams at university or school.
But I'm very bad at remembering phrases or to have a feel for language.
It's also very hard for my to use the grammar rules outside the standard test.
I always try to find a explanation or reason for everything because of it I always go back to grammar-based language study.
That's why I always struggle with Assimil and take a look to Lehrbuch der schwedischen Sprache (the opposite of Assimil, a very grammatical textbook).

I bought an electronic dictionary and I use it very regular. I normally read in my bed, so it's easier to use it than a paper book. The number of explanations are also usefull by writing texts.
I also have started to use lang-8 again for English, of course. My swedish texts would be very identical.
Thank you Judith for the list. So, I have an excuse less for not writing.

The task for this weekend is, reorganize Anki. I love my swedish deck, but my English is a mass. A lot of notes confuse me, some are too easy, some are too curious and I have always problems with identical words/duplicats.
And I will give subs2srs a try.

Corrections are always welcome.

Edited by Mareike on 15 December 2012 at 11:15pm

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15 December 2012 at 11:28pm | IP Logged 
I started learning Swedish in October so I think I will read your log from time to time
:). I also realized I do a lot of Anki, by the way. My Swedish deck is getting bigger and
bigger, and I'm quite tired with all the repetitions. The only working solution I have is
getting rid off/modifying the cards I'm starting to hate: although there aren't many of
them, they make the whole learning process much slower.

About identical words, synonyms, duplicates etc.: as I usually use L1 on the front and Tl
on the back, I have quite many cards where it wouldn't be all that clear which TL word is
actually meant. Therefore I sometimes add in brackets either the first letter of the
target word, or "not:" and the word which is NOT meant, or some other kind of hint.
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31 December 2012 at 9:32pm | IP Logged 
I have recognised my old LG KS 360, is able to handle the Anki website. (no audio)
It's much easier to do the repetition on that way.
I also have some hints on my cards.

Julie, I saw you use Assimil as well. It takes a lot of lessons until the audio will be faster. The audio from "Lehrbuch der schwedischen Sprachen is too high in the first lesson for a beginner. Sometimes I'm glad to have a slow audio, so I can listen to special words.

Recently, I discovered the website .
A news article with some, more or less meaningful, exercises.
But after you have done the exercise you will know the text by heart.
Therefore you remember phrases and you have to read exactly.


Goals 2013

Now we have 31.12.2012 here are my goals for 2013.
Your chosen goals should be answered with yes or no. So it will be easy to check them.
And make sure it's realistic to reach them.

Finish Assmil
Go through „Lehrbuch der schwedischen Sprache“
Continue a Swedish course
Read two lättläst book
6 texts on lang-8

Complete „Destination B2“ by Malcolm Mann
Read six books
Watch at least one season of a serie
I'll still attend an English course
Find a tandem partner, face to face or via Skype
24 texts on lang-8
I want to get more practice in English. I have just added „Destination B2“ to have some grammar repetitions, because I tend to forget grammar.
Probably, English will play a big role next year. I play with the idea of going abroad in year 2014. The closing date for applications are in 2013. I'm still not sure if I want or have to take an English exam/certificate.

Corrections are always welcome.

Edited by Mareike on 02 February 2013 at 10:06pm

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