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I have spoken to Ziad Fazah

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08 February 2013 at 1:41am | IP Logged 
kanewai wrote:
Tiger sounds like a troll. He / she comes on this forum, bashes Ziad
Fazah in a couple
posts, and when the community defends Ziad we get "let's end this discussion."

Let it go. This is just one of those things we are all going to have to agreed to
disagree on. I'm less than a fan of the guy in question and have made that rather
obvious in my posts. Others have as well. Still others don't agree, and make that known
as well. But for all the posts this topic has, there is almost no substance. "I like
him" "I don't" "Did you see that video?" "Well I skyped with him" "He's fine by my
book" "[something about lessons and money]"

There, I've captured all the discussion this topic had, or indeed will have. If the
thread furthered the discussion on how many languages it takes before one is a
polyglot, on what one considers 'knowing' a language, or any number of tangential
discussions, then maybe it would have an excuse to still be around. It has not, and
does not.

As far as I'm concerned ending this semblance of a discussion is the best idea in this
thread. Close it.
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08 February 2013 at 2:57am | IP Logged 
Well, Tiger registers, pops into a thread around the 11th page, drops a couple of controversial comments, and then says we should stop talking about it...yeah, I can understand why it's off-putting to people, regardless of how you feel about ZF.

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08 February 2013 at 10:11am | IP Logged 
Well we never go to know Mezzofanti and if he would have lived today, many people would probably exploit mistakes in his less known languages or even bash him, but we'll never know.

But I mean I can tell it all clicks with Ziad and his lust for money. In his books there are mainly topics about currency, how to rent a car or set up a bank account. When you think about "his" languages, it really does cover the whole world and therefore he could say he learned "all the languages of the word". No need for Lithuanian, because he lived in the Soviet Union era, no need for Irish, when you already speak English. Apart from a few African languages, French and English is all you really need there if you want to conduct business. The pick of Singlish, because Singapore is one of the main financial centres. Talking about MERCOSUR and the economical growth of PRC.

And once you start lying, how can we ever believe him being tested on some TV show in Greece or others of hiw wilds stories. How convenient it is to let all the evidence slip through his fingers...

So if you want to go on with the discussion, be my guest, but by now everything has been already told.

P.S. He never said he'd had Asperger and it's not an excuse whatsoever. You can't flash the autism card everytime you're in trouble or proven wrong.

Anyways unless Ziad Fazah himself comes down here it's all just conjectures and surmises.

EDIT: The reason why I popped right in, is because I wanted to comment on this topic and therefore I had to sign up so I apologize for getting down to brass tacks.

Edited by tiger on 08 February 2013 at 10:13am

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08 February 2013 at 2:17pm | IP Logged 
Hello, this is Cesare M. It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here. I want to say that I am
truly ashamed of my behaviour on this forum in the past and am truly sorry for all my offensive and stupid
comments on here. Now I have matured and learned my lesson. I have stopped claiming fluency in
languages without any proof or back up (and for other stupid reasons) and have a language plan set aside for the whole year. (Yes I no longer claim
fluency in Manx either)

I will try my best to post here as often as I can but I am still very sick so we'll see. Anyways for me I don't
consider tiger to be any sort of troll. I think he was just speaking his mind and maybe his comments did seem
a bit controversial, but in any case I think it's better that I not comment on further.

I wish everyone here the best of luck with his or her language learning. :)

Edited by 101 on 08 February 2013 at 2:51pm

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18 February 2013 at 10:28pm | IP Logged 
Nicely said Cesare, and welcome back.
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