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Linguaphone 1992 dutch course?

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11 February 2012 at 5:19pm | IP Logged 
Hi, I recently bought a linguaphone dutch course from 1992 on ebay. I'm slightly confused. It's unlike any other
linguaphone course I've seen. It only has two books, a coursebook and a handbook; the written exercises are sort
of combined into the course book, and the course is nothing like other 70's era courses I've used, It has loads of fill
in the blank exercises in it and things like a picture and a label of it e.g. a picture of bread labelled "wit brood". The
pictures are also completely in black and white, unlike the other 70's courses which have some colour. Has anyone
ever had a linguaphone course like this? If anyone wants, I can give you some pictures.

Also, there are 6 cassettes, cassette 1 is getting started with a blank second side, 2 to 5 are the course, but
cassette 6 is a completely blank tape, both sides.

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11 February 2012 at 7:46pm | IP Logged 
I have this course - it is not a 70s era course - the Dutch course sold in the 70s was
the old 1950s course. The Dutch course marked a change in the style of the Linguaphone
courses before the original Linguaphone company went bust and was revived by the current

The Latin American Spanish is in a similar style to this one.

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