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What does an animal say in your language?

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06 January 2013 at 10:58pm | IP Logged 

I have this idea (which sounds probably a bit crazy) of collecting (and publishing....)
a list of animalsounds around the world. For example, why says a frog in Holland
'kwaak' and in English 'ribit' and in Japanese 'gero gero'? Or why says a pig 'knor
knor' in Holland, but in Germany 'oink oink'? While it's just the neighbour country!

Basically, it's the same animal but as soon as you cross a border it's saying something
different (at least, that's how humans hear it). Sounds strange, doesn't it?

So the question is, can you help me with the sounds from your country/language? So a
real animal sound / language exchange!

I'll give it a start with Dutch, to set an example. Hopefully more people will follow
and can copy/paste this list of animals and write down what they say.

Cat: miauw
Dog: woef
Chicken: tok tok
Rooster: kukeleku
Pig: knor knor
Cow: boe
Donkey: iaah
Bird: tjirp tjirp / twiet twiet
Horse: hinnik
Duck: kwaak
Snake: sssss
Rabbit: snif snif
Goat: bee
Sheep: beeh
Fish: blub
Owl: oehoe
Bee: bzzz
Mice: piep piep
Lion/tiger: grauw

Hope we can get a lot of languages!:) Please copy/paste the complete list of animals,
so it will be as complete as possible with the sounds and languages!

PS I found a few websites already online about this topic. But not a lot, so if there
are people here with tips or good websites/books. Please let me know:)



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07 January 2013 at 12:49am | IP Logged 

Cat: miav
Dog: wuf/vov (gø)
Chicken: gok gok
Rooster: kykeliky (gale)
Pig: øf øf (grynte)
Cow: Muh (brøle)
Donkey: iaah (skryde)
Bird: pip pip
Horse: iihh(vrinske)
Duck: rap
Snake: sssss (hvisle)
Rabbit: ?
Goat: mæh (bræge)
Fish: ?
Owl: uhu (tude)
Bee: bzzz (summe)
Mice: piv
Lion/tiger: not sure if there is any consensus with regard to writing that sound maybe “grrr” (brøle/knurre)
Frog: kvak/kvæk

*As bonus info I provided the word for making the sound (in parentheses) in the cases where it is significantly different from the sound itself. (ex.“at gø”=”to bark”)

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07 January 2013 at 9:21am | IP Logged 
Cat: νιάου
Dog: γαβ γαβ
Chicken: κοκοκό
Rooster: κουκουρούκου
Pig: ---
Cow: μουουού
Donkey: ιά
Bird: τσίου τσίου
Horse: ---
Duck: ---
Snake: σσσσσσσ
Rabbit: ---
Goat: ---

Fish: ---
Owl: κουκουβάου
Bee: ζζζζζ
Mice: ---
Lion/tiger: γκρρρ
Frog: κουάξ κουάξ


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07 January 2013 at 10:08am | IP Logged 

I add the verb for each one:

Cat: miau (maullar)
Dog: guau (ladrar)
Chicken: co co (cacarear)
Rooster: kikirikí (cantar)
Pig: oink oink (gruñir)
Cow: muu (mugir)
Donkey: iaah (rebuznar)
Bird: pío pío (piar)
Horse: iihh (relinchar)
Duck: cuac (parpar)
Snake: sssss (silbar, sisear)

Rabbit: (chillar)
Goat: bee (balar)
Owl: uh uh? (ulular)
Bee: zzz (zumbar)
Lion/tiger: (rugir)
Frog: croac croac (croar)
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07 January 2013 at 10:14am | IP Logged 
Cat: мяу
Dog: бау
Chicken: ко ко ко
Rooster: кукуригу
Pig: грух грух
Cow: муууу
Bird: чурулик чурулик
Duck: квак
Snake: с(ъ)ссссс
Goat: бееее
Owl: бууу
Mice: цър
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07 January 2013 at 2:38pm | IP Logged 

Cat: мяу [myau] (мяу́кать)
Dog: гав/ав [gav/av] (ла́ять/га́вкать)
Chicken: кококо [kokoko] (куда́хтать)
Rooster: кукареку [kukareku] (кукаре́кать)
Pig: хрю [khryu] (хрю́кать)
Cow: му [mu] (мыча́ть)
Donkey: иа [ia] (no particular verb)
Bird: чирик [chirik] (чири́кать)
Horse: игого [igogo] (ржать)
Duck: ква [kva] (ква́кать)
Snake: ссс/шшш [sss/ssshhh] (шипе́ть)
Goat: мее [mee] (бее [bee] is for sheep; the verb for both is бле́ять)
Fish: бульбуль [bul'bul'] (бу́лькать)
Owl: ух [ukh] (у́хать)
Bee: жужу [zhuzhu] (жужжа́ть)
Mice: пипипи [pipipi] (пища́ть)
Lion/tiger: (рыча́ть)

"Ribbit" as the onomatopoeia for a frog's croaking is actually an interesting example of what calls SoCalization. As the UK TV programme QI pointed out, there is only only one subspecies of frog whose cry actually sounds anything like "ribbit". That subspecies is native to California, which is why its cry became known all over the English-speaking world under the influence of Hollywood. I suspect the word "croak" itself could have served as the onomatopoeia before the spread of cinema and television.

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07 January 2013 at 3:32pm | IP Logged 
Thank you all for this start:) Can you also write it in Latin alphabet? So then I can
read it as well. By the way, very interesting about the ribbit!
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10 January 2013 at 11:13pm | IP Logged 
Cat: miaou
Dog: ouaf ouaf or wouah wouah
Chick (female): cot cot cot
Rooster: cocorico
Pig: groin groin ??
Cow: Meuh
Donkey: Hi-han Hi-han
Bird: cui cui or piou piou
Horse: hiiiii (henissement)
Duck: coin coin
Snake: sssss
Rabbit: no sound
Goat: bêê !
Sheep: bêê !
Fish: no sound
Owl: Hou Hou
Bee: bzzz
Mice: no sound
Lion/tiger: graou

You could also check in a children book or here : /sounds.html

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