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Will technology replace interpreters ?

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20 September 2013 at 11:42pm | IP Logged 
luke wrote:
1997 Deep Blue computer beats Chess Grand Master Garry Kasparov.
2011 Watson computer beats humans at Jeopardy.

Chess is logical and follows strict rules, language is much more flexible (which is why machine translation works quite well with controlled language, but not with natural language).
In Jeopardy, answers are either right or wrong, but language is never black or white, it's full of nuances, assumptions that are not expressed, cultural references, double meanings, wordplays etc. Human language is much, much more complex than chess and Jeopardy.
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20 September 2013 at 11:57pm | IP Logged 
Before computers take over interpreters, I do imagine -- and I'm looking forward to it! -- that computers
could aid in transcribing speech and finding equivalent vocabulary on the fly, thus assisting interpreters in
the booth.
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