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Translation: Choosing a language

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11 September 2013 at 5:39pm | IP Logged 
I recently had posted a question on the forums regarding an online certificate in
French (and got some excellent feedback), but now the path has become somewhat muddled
and once again, I think I need some additional perspectives.

I had seriously been eyeing online programs in French and French translation. I'd
researched different organizations, schools and programs. I was really leaning towards
that direction but then I started thinking about Spanish again. I've studied both
language throughout school and on my own.

I've been perusing translation blogs in the hopes of some clarification, but I really
feel that this is the best site for guidance and feedback.

How do you choose what language(s) to pursue in a translation career? My first
tentative plan was, study Spanish to use for interpretation and enroll in a university
program for French, working towards translation.

I am not sure if this is the right plan. Considering how widely Spanish is spoken here
in the US, it would seem that Spanish would be a great language for interpretation and
translation. However, I have read that while there is a lot of work for Spanish
interpreters and translators, there is also heavy competition in the field. Which is
why I began to think about French. Maybe working on the French for translation would
give me an edge? I'm considering all of the relevant factors: interest and enjoyment in
a language and culture, demand for the language and income potential, etc. In addition
to the US market, I am also considering the Canadian and European markets.

Perhaps maintaining my spoken Spanish through self -study would be ideal, while at the
same time, studying French translation in school, i.e., Spanish for spoken and French
for written. Or, the other way around.

The bottom line is, I am torn between both languages and am not sure how to structure
my studies. I see some of the pros and cons of both but I still question the best path.
Which language should I gear up for translation and which should I maintain as a fluent
language, but not use it for translation? How do you see this choice?

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