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30 December 2014 at 1:18am | IP Logged 
Teango wrote:
I've reached about a third of the way through Assimil's "L'Égyptien hiéroglyphique" now, and am thoroughly enjoying Allen's "Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs". Grammar and vocabulary are finally starting to stick, and translating texts has become noticeably faster and more comfortable.

It's a pretty nice language. :-) And I agree that Allen's book is awesome. I use it as a reference manual for translating weird particles and assorted bits of strange grammar.

Anyway, I need to reassess my own study plan. The Anki+Assimil thing worked really well until lesson 50-something, but it's been getting a bit stale since I've gotten into the literature lessons. I think I need a new study plan, with a different ratio of extensive/intensive study, and a much more efficient way to create cards. Let me think about that for a few weeks. :-)
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09 January 2015 at 2:08am | IP Logged 
Before I forget, here's a link to the summary for my 2-week Ancient Egyptian Assimil project (also on the FI3M forum under Champollion's Challenge). I didn't complete 50 lessons as initially hoped, as the overheads of reviews and increasingly difficult texts significantly slowed down progress, but I did finish 38 lessons (75% of my original goal), along with 5 chapters from Allen's book for supplementary study and enjoyment. Altogether, I put 50 hours into this project, averaging 3-4 hours a day. After this I hope to keep up with reviews (oops, I've already let this slide a bit), and approach the remaining lessons on a much more leisurely basis, perhaps with a view to completing the Assimil and Allen books by 2016. It was good fun to round off the year with this language mission, and I feel I made significant progress, bringing me one step closer the overall goal of completing the course.

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09 January 2015 at 2:59am | IP Logged 
Had a lot of fun scrolling through this thread. I did a MA in Egyptology which involved
learning Middle Egyptian (exams and everything) but since I stopped with it five years
ago I've retained very little. But this has brought back some nice memories .... ;-)

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