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06 January 2014 at 8:20pm | IP Logged 
Hello everyone! My name is Wayne and I am looking forward in sharing my quest for language proficiency!

Background: I am mixed with Puerto Rican and Jamaican but I speak very little Spanish. I would assess myself at A1. All throughout my teenage years I avoided learning the language because I always felt pressured into learning it to the point where learning it became a chore. Later on in life I married a wonderful lady from El Salvador. Her family speaks very little English so communication can sometimes be quite difficult. I am learning Spanish for the purpose of enriching my family life.

Goal: By Dec 31,2014 be able to communicate at a B1 level.

My Wife- we have rule where we can speak only Spanish for an hour in the house
Anki- create my own deck and add about 10 words a day
Language Programs- I plan on using Assimil and FSI
Other- While I am slacking off at work I will try to read a few articles in Spanish. Also I want to find a telenovela and watch it with subtitles from the beginning.

For my posts I will try to write in Spanish and its translation after. Also, I hope to keep a tally on my hours. Thanks for reading!

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