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Dub quality by language

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24 February 2014 at 4:01am | IP Logged 
Via Diva wrote:
Quality matters, but I think you have to be advanced to really care
about it.

I dob't think so, it depends on which quality are we talking about. A dubbing where the
voices don't suit the actors are disturbing and take away the enjoyment (which is
always a fault and does have impact on learning). Translation with mistakes is more
difficult to tell but, based on recommendations, one should avoid it, just like not
natural sounding translation. The same voices everywhere and anything like that can
damage the enjoyment for some people regardless of level in the language.

I think a huge trouble is the lack, or appearance of lack, of original tv series. There
are plenty even for czech learners.Various kinds, genres, quality and language level. I
don't doubt there are many for most national languages. By many, I mean enough to offer
material for learning and enjoyment for a few years of watching at reasonable pace. The
thing is that we don't know them. They often don't get abroad (can you remember the
last time an Italian or swedish tv series went on your channel? and how about a korean
or indian one?), the only legal way to get them are overpriced dvds with delivery fees,
even the pirate sources are becoming rarer when you need them the most.

I believe it would be possible to even start with original series or at least use them
90% of the time or more. At least for any language with about 10 million speakers and
more. But it is harder to get to them.

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