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Lithuanian Resources

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28 March 2014 at 3:02am | IP Logged 
Hi everyone,

This is my first topic here so please forgive me if it could have been better placed

I'm trying to learn Lithuanian but there doesn't seem to be many resources. Has anyone
had any success with any websites/programmes? :)

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28 March 2014 at 4:09am | IP Logged 
Lithuanian is an interesting language.

1) I have used the Teach Yourself collection. It might give you a brief insight about
the language (it contains audio).

2) Colloquial Lithuanian by Routledge.
I think the texts are good and well selected. You can get some insight about the basic
vocabulary (at least I considered so) you will need for further courses, but perhaps
the authors could work a bit more with the grammar explanations and exercises provided.

3)Hilbig I., Migauskienė R., Našlėnaitė-Eberhardt V., Petrašiūnienė E., Tamošaitienė
A., Valančiauskienė A., Vaškevičienė L.
Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla, 2014

4)Petrašiūnienė E., Valančiauskienė A., Našlėnaitė-Eberhardt V., Jakaitė-Bulbukienė K.,
Vaškevičienė L.
Langas į lietuvių kalbą
Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla, 2014

5)Pribušauskaitė J.
Kaip sekasi?
Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla, 2011

6)Prosniakova H., Stumbrienė V.,
Labas! (Book One & Two)
Vilnius: Žara, 2009

7)Hilbig I., Migauskienė R., Našlėnaitė V., Petrašiūnienė E., Tamošaitienė A.,
Valančiauskienė A., Vaškevičienė L.
Sveiki atvykę!
Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla, 2008

8)Ramonienė M., Pribušauskaitė J.
Practical Grammar of Lithuanian
Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 2008

9)This is also a grammar book:

Ramonienė M., Pribušauskaitė J.
Praktinė lietuvių kalbos gramatika
Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 2008

10) Stumbrienė V., Vilkienė L., Roebuck W.
365 lietuvių kalbos veiksmažodžiai / 365 Lithuanian Verbs
Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2008

I am not fan of this kind of books, but still an option for some students.

11)Kruopienė I.
Vilnius: Gimtasis žodis, 2004

12)Stumbrienė V., Kaškelevičienė A
Nė dienos be lietuvių kalbos
Student's Book
Vilnius: Gimtasis žodis, 2001

Stumbrienė V., Kaškelevičienė A.
Nė dienos be lietuvių kalbos
2 CDs
Vilnius: Gimtasis žodis, 2002

13)Bingelienė R., Kutanovienė E.
Vilnius: A. Varno personalinė įmonė, 2001

14)Babickienė Z., Bareikytė A.
Lithuanian Pictorial Dictionary
Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 1996

I could give you a few more references, but before, you might take a look at the other
options below. I forgot to mention one book I used, but I cannot remember now.

There are channels available on Youtube:

They should help you a little bit.

As for other websites I have used so far:

These are some courses:

A podcast (It is not that frequently updated, but I find it very good):


Other websites:

Online dictionary:

I am not sure how good it is, though:

It might sound ridiculous, but you can try to grasp some words listening to some songs.
Some people I know who is learning Lithuanian have suggested me taking Lauris Reiniks'
songs sung in Lithuanian.

That's all for now. I will think about other resources such as radio, TV, newspapers
etc in case you might be interested.
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29 March 2014 at 6:33am | IP Logged 
The classic textbook is 'Introduction to Modern Lithuanian' by Dambriunas, Klimas and Schmalstieg. It's very solid on grammar and things like the accent system.

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