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New Super Challenge Discussion thread2014

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17 May 2014 at 3:57am | IP Logged 
Serpent wrote:
PeterMollenburg wrote:
Serpent, to me most the time it seems you just really require
a lot of clarification and 'tweaking' of sth before you undertake it.

But that's the whole nature of challenges. They've all required tweaking, the problem is just that the SC is so
long-term. And yes, I enjoy interpreting rules creatively (and learning creatively in general), but I've accepted
that Cristina is not interested in encouraging creativity.

You're taking my words out of context. To understand what my point was you should include the rest of my
words. ie what you quoted serves as a lead in to the rest of what I said, which basically was a nicer way of
saying: "I understand your need for clarification, but enough's enough." This is the issue Serpent whether you
have a point or not are right or not, the SC is a democracy which basically in this case means you take the
direction the majority agrees upon carried out by a leader who has the final say for the common good. Ok pls
no-one nitpick me on politics now, it's not my strong suit.
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17 May 2014 at 4:14am | IP Logged 
Serpent wrote:
But have you ever participated in a 6 week challenge?

I assumed you were using it as an analogy for the Super Challenge for some reason... after all, why would you mention changes to a different challenge otherwise as an argument for not making changes to this one?

My response was a general response to any change to a non-competitive challenge.
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17 May 2014 at 4:30am | IP Logged 
Peace and love!
Is there a place where we can talk about everything except the ranking? I hope to finish the SC.
That will mean I win.
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17 May 2014 at 5:11am | IP Logged 
sfuqua wrote:
Peace and love!
Is there a place where we can talk about everything except the ranking? I hope to finish
the SC.
That will mean I win. :)

It's still all peace and love and da kine over on the Update Thread.


Edited by kanewai on 17 May 2014 at 5:12am

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17 May 2014 at 12:08pm | IP Logged 
I can't make heads or taiils of what's going on in this thread but evidently it's taken a wrong turn somewhere.
So instead of deleting a bunch of posts and making a mess, let's just please collectively move on.

Future posts will be deleted if need be though.
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Solfrid Cristin
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18 May 2014 at 6:45am | IP Logged 
Having spent the last two days preparing and celebrating Norwegian Constitution day (which is our second
most important holiday after Christmas) ( thanks for the greetings, Serpent :-) and having had major problems
logging in yesterday, I have not been able to follow the discussion the last couple of days.

I am happy to see that the Super Challenge really engages people, but yes, it would make me even more
happy if we could move on and focus on reading and watching. The Super Challenge was intended to create
a fun and motivating community activity. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would become so
popular, but not in my worst nightmares could I have imagined that it would cause so much discord.

Please do not let my crazy idea turn into something that has such a bitter taste that the whole thing collapses.
I have truly stretched and tweaked the original idea as far as I felt that I could to accommodate all learning
styles. I appreciate all learning styles, and I repeat, this is just a motivational challenge, not an evil plot to ruin
your lives. The intention of the SC is that you focus on one language. I have been very clear on that from the
get go. All your other languages can be studied at your leasure and how you see fit. If you chose to register
with more languages that is fine too, .but in registering with a language, you accept the limitations that lies
within this particular challenge
. All the languages you study outside the challenge will not be subject to any
limits whatsoever, obviously. It s still time to readjust your goals and add or remove languages from your list.

What I would really like to hear at this point, is how is everyone doing? I did great the first week, but this
second week has been filled to the brim with RL activities. I have however seen a major boost in
understanding both in reading and watching from the last round, so I am pretty excited about that.

Those of you who are new to this can of course not expect to see all that much improvements yet, but you
will, I promise :-) Those of you who have registered again, with the same language, as I have, can you say a
few words about the improvements you see?

I repeat my mantra:

Stay motivated.
Have fun :-)

Edited by Solfrid Cristin on 18 May 2014 at 7:34am

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18 May 2014 at 7:53am | IP Logged 
lykkelig grunnlov dag!

I'm still trying to find my balance. My 'real' Super Challenge language is Italian,
though I also entered with French. I did French in SC-1, and so I figure this isn't so
much 2x challenges as 1.5 (cause it shouldn't be as hard the second time, right?).

I'm not a big tv or movie watcher, so that adds to the challenge for me - I can always
find the time to read a book, and always have one in my bag, but don't generally carry
a tv with me. It was a big factor for me in wondering whether I can even do another
single challenge.

There are enough Italian movies to keep me busy for awhile - I think I could spend the
next month just watching Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni flics - though I don't
haven enough ideas for the whole twenty months.

I really overestimated my Italian reading ability. I went from being able to
order dinner and wine in a trattoria to thinking I could read Dante. Apparently these
are two different skill sets. After a couple false starts I'm settling in with Harry
Potter, which is still hard for me, but at least doable.

French reading is good.

There's a good discussion in the French wikia thread on podcasts, and I downloaded a
bunch to my phone. Now I just need to figure out which are really my level - it's not
intuitive at all! I listened to Dracula on a sci fi podcast, understood most of it,
and thought it was the best thing ever. I saw a fun way forward for my next stage of
learning. Then I listened to part of Tom Sawyer on a jeunesse podcast and was
totally lost.

Overall I feel good about my start, even though I'm not remotely close to the top of
the pack. I'm a bit impatient with my Italian reading speed, but I know that will
improve with time.

(also, Solfrid, I saw in an old thread that you prepared for a trip to Italy once by
reading 30,000 pages ... is that where this idea came from?)

For first timers, my main advice as always is: start reading NOW. Don't watch
the films first, and think you can catch up on the reading later.

It doesn't matter if takes you a week to read five to ten pages. Ignore the rankings
and don't worry about those who have ten books already. Early progress is slow, at
times frustrating, and honestly it will often feel slow and frustrating (but still
often fun and amazing) but keep at it each week because 20 months of this? You will
end up literate in your TL!

Edited by kanewai on 18 May 2014 at 8:08am

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18 May 2014 at 9:53am | IP Logged 
Nice, that we also discuss about progress and how we are doing here :D

I'm doing quite well in my both languages. Spanish is my main lanaguage, however, I progressed more in English. The only reason I signed up for English was to get motivated to read a bit more books instead of only reading through the forum posts :D I could have done without the challenge, but this is what motivates me. And I still have a lot of unread English books here :D

In Spanish I started reading this week and I'm still very slow because I look up very much to build vocab. And only reeading without looking up results in not understanding and thats even more boring or demotivating than reading very slow.
For the films I do watch the Destinos episodes which I can watch with not spending too much time at once and also learn the language through it.
Because I'm still at a beginner level I also do grammar stuff and vocab and language courses (the latter I use mainly as a guide because I found it very difficult to choose on my own in which order I want to learn what grammar..). This means I could read and watch more if I wouldn't do that but I want to learn the grammar behind what I read and not only read and understand the meaning.
I therefore also take part in the 6WC which motivates me to do exactly this :D

Also my RL is very stressful at the moment. I really like learning some Spanish in the evenings, however, sometimes I'm just so exhausted that I don't think it makes sense to learn Spanish. Even if I enjoy it, but it's still more brain work than relaxing. I mean you should concentrate on your stuff in order to get much done. Listening in the background might be helpful if one does it A LOT. But for an hour in the evening I don't find that quite useful.

I'm really looking forward to my holidays :D Much time to read, watch, learn and going to spain :D

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