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Scandinavians don’t notice similarities..

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14 July 2014 at 6:25pm | IP Logged 
Then I wonder how Dutch fits into that picture. :o
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15 July 2014 at 9:52am | IP Logged 
Further away than German - few Danes are aware that Dutch morphologywise actually is closer to Danish than these two are to German. On the other hand a lot closer than French, but Danes in the Netherlands expect to be able to speak English to the local population (or German, provided that you carry a Danish flag). Nobody expects French people to speak anything but French, which is almost incomprehensible. But if you have gastronomic tendencies then you may already know some of the words on the menu, and otherwise you'll get tripes and frog legs for dinner.

OK, hopefully everybody understands that we are speaking about stereotypes here. But the funny thing is that all stereotypes about the Dutch are true with one exception: during my 1½ week long holiday in the country around New Year 2013-14 I didn't see one single person wearing clogs. But the streets are full of bicycles, there are lots of windmills outside the big cities, there are kanals everywhere and they really like banging the bells in their churches. I suppose they also speak English, but somehow I forgot all about that language when I landed in Schiphol.

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15 July 2014 at 2:19pm | IP Logged 
Coming from a hot part of Brazil (yes, there are some parts even warmer) the stereotypes I know from my childhood
about Dutch is that they are tall, they use Lowe backpacks and they love the sun. In my town there are a lot of Dutch
tourists and they are easily recognized by the red skin of too much sunlight.

I went to Amsterdam last year in summer season and it was no surprise to see then sitting in chairs all day towards
the sun. Also, I found them to be very friendly. My stay there was so cool I left thinking about learning Dutch

As for similarities, I didn't see any with English or portuguese, or french. Seemed to me as an alien language.
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16 July 2014 at 12:51am | IP Logged 
now look at finnish

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