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Greetings form Belgium!

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19 August 2014 at 8:50pm | IP Logged 
Hi guys!

this is the first time I go on this part of the website. I wasn't even aware of this introduce-yourself part, so here I come to tell my story!

at the beginning I sucked at languages, really. I even had to swich from a Dutch school to a french school because I sucked at dutch (when II was
5). and I kept on sucking until my 17, when I got forced by my English teacher to become self-learner (which wasn't really my goal) and I got from A2 to C1 in less than 2 years. I also worked dutch more to go from A1-A2 to B1-B2 in 2-3 years. as the time flies, I get more and more intersted and enthusiast about languages. This year I picked up Spanish (B1 now) and want to begin German and Italian. My goal is to get to C1 in English and dutch, B2 in Spanish, A2 in Italian and B1 in German in 1 year.

I also really want to study chineese, russian and esperanto (I already have books for those language). I find it really difficult to focus on one language when I want to try 10 more

I would like to know all those languages + latin and greec with B2 in my life, and why not try others, but I doubt that I could go that far. I'm not Richard Simcott after all XD.

I hope I can go far in languages and learn quickly, because when I see all those people speaking twice as many languages as I do, I get totally jealous XD but, well, I began with languages but a couple of years ago. I'm just a newborn XD

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