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Spanish: A little subs2srs experiment

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12 January 2015 at 9:35am | IP Logged 
Thanks for the intro to LF Aligner and Aglona emk. With just 30 or so minutes I managed to produce some pretty-well aligned English-german texts from bilingual ebooks.

It is interesting the amount of effort it takes to produce a good bilingual book. Given good, clean input formats (i.e., AZWs from Amazon) you can get the book 80-90% error free in 10-15 minutes. But to fix 90%+ of the error you've
really got to make a slow pass or two through the book, which can take hours.

It would be interesting to write a little program to automatically annotate the problem areas in the output of hunalign or LF Aligner. By aligning all the chapter headings manually (with white space if necessary), you can break
easily spot the problem spots in the chapters.

Anyways, how are you liking Aglona? Just the prospect of reading on my phone or tablet after years with an e-reader w/ proper e-ink makes my eyes hurt. Obviously all the e-readers I know of can't support parallel text well as the
screens width is much too small.

I'm working on a python script to convert the output of LF Aligner and hunalign into an epub with the following format:

1. First part consists of the target language text exists as in a normal book
2. Clicking on a fragment (paragraph or sentence, depending on how it was split), takes you to part two
3. Part two is interlinear L2 and L1 with L1 offset and in a smaller font.

Essentially this is Aglona's reading modes 2 and 3. True parallel text in columns might be possible in landscape mode, perhaps I'll play with it.

Part 1: full text, click to go to interlinear

Part 2: interlinear, click to full text

(this formatting idea I borrowed from Doppeltext -

I'm in love with L-R. Before I dreaded reading in a target language, as I did it with just an L2 novel and a L2-L1 dictionary. When I was studying Arabic I read the first Harry Potter and it took me nearly a year with very dubious
benefit. Its really a shame that lack of interest on the publishers part and copyright restrictions prevent it from becoming a more widely available method.

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27 January 2015 at 6:48pm | IP Logged 
If you like using bilingual books, check out my site:

You can also contribute to the project if you like: ID=35538&PN=0&TPN=7

I have a ebook generator on the site as well (simple interlaced format).

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