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TAC 2015 Official Thread

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13 December 2014 at 11:58am | IP Logged 
Hello and welcome to the official Sign-Up and Discussion Thread for the Total Annihilation Challenge 2015!

Organizing the TAC has never been a very popular task, but as we’re already halfway through December I thought it was high time and decided to start the infamous thread where all the TAC folly takes place. Fortunately, Serpent was so kind to invent a new and easier way of signing up via the Wikia page, so kudos to her!

I think most people know what the TAC is about. The idea is to learn as much as possible in your target language(s) in one year and document your progress in your log. In order to participate, you need to sign up and create your own TAC log. The title of the log may include "TAC 2015", but it has to show the name(s) of the team(s) you are a part of. You are allowed to continue an old log, just change the title by editing the first post of the log and indicate on which page your TAC 2015 starts. After creating your log, please post a link in this thread!

In the past, teams have usually been formed according to target language, but there have been some other suggestions as well this year. So, any kind of team is fine as long as you can collect enough members, that means a minimum of five participants. Smaller groups can form a tandem, a trio, or whatever, and last but not least there’s the possibility to do an individual TAC.

As soon as a team has been formed, a team captain should be chosen. After that, the captain can start the team thread and post a link to it in this thread. I’ll keep track of all teams and participants in the first posts of this thread. If any of the 2014 teams want to continue as teams in 2015, just let me know.

There is no official end date for sign-ups, but I’d prefer that anyone wishing to sign up for a team after the end of January, ask that team.

Please notice: The sign-up via the HTLAL Wikia has ended! In order to join a team, please ask their captain in the respective team thread. However, I'd welcome it if you also posted a short notice, including a link to your log, in this thread.

In your message, please include the following:

- What languages you will be studying in 2015
- Which teams you want to join or if you’re going for an individual TAC
- A link to your TAC log (as soon as you have one)

Also, comments, ideas, thoughts about new teams or other suggestions for the improvement of the TAC are highly welcome!

Let’s get started and have a great time studying languages together!

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13 December 2014 at 11:58am | IP Logged 

Advanced Study Group
sctroyenne (French) {captain}, anamsc (Spanish), catullus_roar (German, Spanish, French), Cavesa (French), Elenia (French), Expugnator (French, German), garyb (French, Italian), IBEP (Spanish, Kannada), mrwarper (English, Spanish), Serpent (Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish), suzukaze (English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Japanese), Via Diva (English)

Celtic Team "Celts"
jeff_lindqvist (Irish) {captain}, Josquin (Irish), liammcg (Scottish Gaelic), Mani (Welsh), sctroyenne (Irish), Shemtov (Scottish Gaelic), tangleweeds (Irish), Teango (Irish)

East Asian Team "東亞"
Woodsei (Japanese, Korean) {captain}, Anya (Mandarin, Japanese), B_Hutt (Korean), chokofingrz (Japanese), dampingwire (Japanese), druckfehler (Korean), Evita (Korean), Expugnator (Mandarin), Ezy Ryder (Mandarin), g-bod (Japanese), IBEP (Korean), jesm86 (Japanese), Josquin (Japanese), khelessindarae (Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese), kraemder (Japanese), liedmc (Japanese), MalayMandarin (Mandarin), nandemonai (Japanese, Mandarin, Korean), Nieng Zhonghan (Mandarin, Korean), Rem (Mandarin), sabotai (Japanese, Korean), Sooniye (Japanese), stifa (Japanese), suzukaze (Japanese), The Real CZ (Korean, Japanese, Mandarin), TimmyTurner93 (Japanese), Warp3 (Korean, Japanese), YnEoS (Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean), yuhakko (Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Ainu), Zimena (Mandarin)

English as an Advanced Second Language Team
suzukaze {co-captain}, Via Diva {co-captain}, agta, Epeli, Expugnator, Kulelyn, Mareike, mrwarper, Serpent, Virineya

Finno-Ugric and Balto-Slavonic Team "*jäŋe/*ledús"
Chung (Finnish, Polish, Slovak) {captain}, cathrynm (Finnish), Expugnator (Estonian), ilolwhat (Polish), milesaway (Finnish), Radioclare (Croatian, Macedonian), Rem, (Czech), Serpent (Finnish, Croatian, Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Czech), Sooniye (Croatian, Hungarian), Straya (Polish), YnEoS (Hungarian, Czech)

French Team "Français"
Jeffers {co-captain}, PeterMollenburg {co-captain}, anamsc, Cavesa, eplumb!, Fiyero, fortheo, garyb, IBEP, ilolwhat, Iolanthe, Komma, Lakeseayesno, liam.pike1, Light, luke, Meyers, Mohave, redflag, Rem, runnerbean, s0fist, sctroyenne, sillygoose1, s.mann, suzukaze, theyweed, Tiy, tomgosse, tristano, Virineya, Wessnosa

German Team "Rätsel"
Via Diva {captain}, agantik, agta, AlOlaf, anamsc, CarlyD, catullus_roar, Cavesa, Ccaesar, danyal, Epeli, fabriciocarraro, g-bod, jbadg74621, jvv426, katarinaantalya, liammcg, Nieng Zhonghan, owverysweet, patrickwilken, Ramblurr, Rem, s0fist, sabotai, Sarnek, Serpent, sillygoose1, sofiso, suzukaze, WingSuet

Rare Languages Team "Rare"
Luso (Arabic, Sanskrit) {captain}, Anya (Sanskrit), catullus_roar (Armenian), druckfehler (Persian), EmmaSuzanne (Dutch), eplumb! (Dutch), Expugnator (Georgian), geoffw (Hebrew), IBEP (Kannada), Magdalene (Hebrew), redflag (Indonesian), Serpent (Dutch, Indonesian, Karelian), Sooniye (Albanian, Hindi), Sprachprofi (Hebrew), Stelle (Tagalog), Teango (Hawaiian), tristano (Dutch), YnEoS (Thai, Malay, Hindi, Telugu), Zireael (Arabic)

Romance Team "Caesar"
Serpent (Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish) {captain}, Anya (Portuguese, French, Italian), Ccaesar (Italian), dandt (Italian), garyb (French, Italian), jesm86 (Portuguese), Kerrie (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian), liammcg (Italian, French), Meddysong (Catalan), sillygoose1 (Italian, Portuguese), Sooniye (Spanish, French, Italian), suzukaze (Spanish, French, Portuguese), tastyonions (French, Spanish, Italian), TimmyTurner93 (Portuguese), YnEoS (French, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)

Russian Team "Pushkin"
Josquin {captain}, Belle Epoque, chokofingrz, EmmaSuzanne, Epeli, Expugnator, fabriciocarraro, Fiyero, geoffw, Micha, milesaway, MonkelHansmann, Nieng Zhonghan, Ogrim, smaching, Solfrid Cristin, tarvos, tristano, YnEoS

Scandinavian Team "Sleipnir"
Expugnator (Norwegian) {captain}, agantik (Norwegian), AlOlaf (Danish), daegga (West Scandinavian, East Scandinavian), Emme (Swedish), Epeli (Swedish), Jaynie (Danish), jeff_lindqvist (Danish, Norwegian), Mareike (Swedish), Sarnek (Swedish), Serpent (Swedish, Danish), Shemtov (Swedish), Sooniye (Danish), suzukaze (Swedish), tarvos (Swedish, Norwegian)

Spanish Team
Cavesa {captain}, AchillePoirot, anamsc, arthaey, Emily96, IBEP, jvv426, kunsttyv, liam.pike1, mgr.graham, mitcht, s0fist, sctroyenne, Serpent, sillygoose1, Stelle, stifa, suzukaze, Tilia, tristano

Turkish Team "Yürükler" (associated with the Turkic Challenge)
Chung {captain}, Anya, Iolanthe, Sooniye

Individual TAC and Tandems
BAnna (German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish)
Bjorn (German, French)
DamedesLangues (French, Spanish)
Ending (French)
Kulelyn (Spanish, Turkish)

Tandem "Θάλασσα" (Greek)
tarvos, Via Diva

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Speaks: German*, English, French, Latin, Italian, Russian, Swedish
Studies: Japanese, Irish, Portuguese, Persian

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13 December 2014 at 11:59am | IP Logged 
Alphabetical List of TAC Participants

AchillePoirot: Spanish
agantik: Norwegian, German
agta: German, English
AlOlaf: German, Danish
anamsc: French, German, Spanish
Anya: Mandarin, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Sanskrit, Italian
arthaey: Spanish, German, ASL
BAnna: German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
B_Hutt: Korean
Belle Epoque: Russian
Bjorn: German, French
CarlyD: German
cathrynm: Finnish, Japanese
catullus_roar: German, Latin, Armenian
Cavesa: French, German, Spanish
Ccaesar: German, Italian
chokofingrz: Russian, Japanese
Chung: Finnish, Polish, Slovak
daegga: West Scandinavian, East Scandinavian
DamedesLangues: French, Spanish
dandt: Italian
dampingwire: Japanese
danyal: German
DownAndOut: Greek, Italian
druckfehler: Korean, Persian
Elenia: French
Emily96: Spanish
EmmaSuzanne: Russian, Dutch
Emme: Swedish
Ending: French
Epeli: English, German, Swedish, Russian
eplumb!: French, Dutch
Evita: Korean
Expugnator: Estonian, Georgian, Mandarin, Norwegian, Russian, English, French, German, Papiamento
Ezy Ryder: Mandarin
fabriciocarraro: Russian, German
Fiyero: French, Russian
fortheo: French
g-bod: German, Japanese
garyb: French, Italian
geoffw: Hebrew, Russian
IBEP: French, Korean, (Spanish, Kannada)
ilolwhat: French, Polish
Iolanthe: French, Turkish
Jaynie: Danish
jbadg76421: German
Jeffers: French, (Hindi, Ancient Greek, German)
jeff_lindqvist: Irish, Danish, Norwegian
jesm86: Portuguese, Japanese
Josquin: Russian, Irish, Japanese, (Ancient Greek, Portuguese)
jvv426: Spanish, Esperanto, German
katarinaantalya: German, Estonian
Kerrie: Spanish, ASL, Portuguese, Bosnian, (French, Italian, German)
khelessindarae: Korean, Mandarin, Japanese
Komma: French
kraemder: Japanese
Kulelyn: English, Spanish, Turkish
kunsttyv: Spanish
Lakeseayesno: French, Italian, Esperanto
liammcg: French, German, Italian, Scottish Gaelic
liam.pike1: French, Spanish
liedmc: Japanese
Light: French, Russian, Greek, Hebrew
luke: French
Luso: Arabic, Sanskrit
Magdalene: French, German, Mandarin, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish
MalayMandarin: Mandarin, Spanish
Mani: Welsh
Mareike: English, Swedish
Meddysong: Catalan
Meyers: French
mgr.graham: Spanish
Micha: Russian, Italian
milesaway: Russian, Finnish
mitcht: Spanish
Mohave: French
MonkelHansmann: Russian
mrwarper: English, Spanish
nandemonai: Japanese, Mandarin, Korean
Nieng Zhonghan: Mandarin, Korean, German, Russian
Ogrim: Russian, Catalan, Romansh
owverysweet: German, Spanish, Japanese
patrickwilken: German
PeterMollenburg: French
Radioclare: Croatian, Macedonian
Ramblurr: German
redflag: French, Indonesian
Rem: German, Mandarin, French, Czech
runnerbean: French
s0fist: Spanish, German, French
sabotai: German, Japanese, Korean
Sarnek: German, Swedish
sctroyenne: Irish, French, Spanish
Serpent: Croatian, Danish, English, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Shemtov: Swedish, Scottish Gaelic
sillygoose1: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese
smaching: Russian, German, Japanese
s.mann: French
sofiso: German
Solfrid Cristin: Russian, Italian, German, (Japanese, English, French, Spanish)
Sooniye: Albanian, Croatian, Danish, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish
Sprachprofi: Hebrew
Stelle: Spanish, Tagalog
stifa: Spanish, Japanese
Straya: Polish, French, German
suzukaze: English, Spanish, German, French, Spanish, Japanese
tangleweeds: Irish
tarvos: Russian, Chinese, Greek, Korean, Norwegian
tastyonions: French, Spanish, Italian
Teango: Hawaiian, Irish
The Real CZ: Korean, Japanese, Mandarin
theyweed: English, French, German, Mandarin
Tilia: Spanish
TimmyTurner93: Portuguese, Japanese
Tiy: French, German
tomgosse: French
tristano: French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian
Via Diva: English, German, Greek, Italian, Swedish
Virineya: English, French
Warp3: Korean, Japanese
Wessnosa: French
WingSuet: German, Cantonese
Woodsei: Japanese, Russian, (Korean)
worker: German, Spanish, French
YnEoS: French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Asian and Indian languages
yuhakko: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin
Zimena: Mandarin
Zireael: Arabic

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Via Diva
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13 December 2014 at 12:28pm | IP Logged 
1) currently not sure about that, let's repeat the current list (German, Swedish, Italian, Greek)
2) I'm in with English (ESL) and German. I also would like to pay more attention to Greek next year, which team will have anything in common with ελληνικά?
3) log
As you probably have seen this year, the great idea (or maybe not so great) of having beginners in one team didn't work out very well, but I hope this is not the end of multilingual teams based not on language families/ their rareness, but on something else.
This time I offer to get a team of non-standard methods of learning, including lazy ones. I even have a name for the lazy (La-haziness)! The point is to throw textbooks outta window, ask tutors to forget how to teach and do some crazy (or just not very usual) things. I
think even L-R isn't very standard from that POV, if I tell my my mother that it works she won't believe me.
I can also lead this team (or any other I participate in, if offered), but it's desirable to see it actually going, and not dissipating by February.
What do you think?

Edited by Via Diva on 13 December 2014 at 1:02pm

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 Message 5 of 387
13 December 2014 at 12:54pm | IP Logged 

This year we've experimented with the observer status. Thoughts, opinions? (especially from team leaders) This was meant as something for the learners aiming for passive skills and for those who can't commit to learning a specific language but can commit to reading about it. Observers are/were allowed to participate in challenges, and especially the Scandinavian team did amazingly well to keep the challenges observer-friendly.

Via Diva, I assume you don't want to be on a team for Italian?
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13 December 2014 at 12:54pm | IP Logged 
Is there interest in having an intermediate and advance themes/team/study multi-lingual groups i.e., separate
thread/team/group focused on intermediate issues and advanced issues, regardless of languages? I'm not
sure how to proceed on this, whether under TAC or another means, if there is interest. While the TAC sign-
up indicates sign-up by level, I'm not a fan of breaking a language team into two or more groups after my
experience with my French TAC team last year, which fell apart by March.

For discussion purposes, I would like to see an intermediate level and advanced level study groups formed,
regardless of language, to focus on common issues at that level. Should this be in or outside of TAC? What
is everyone's thoughts?

Edited by Mohave on 13 December 2014 at 5:57pm

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13 December 2014 at 2:50pm | IP Logged 
I don't know how to express this on the wikia, so I'll just post it here. But if there are enough like-minded people, I'd be interested in joining an Asian language team similar to the possible Romance team. But, I don't think I would join multiple teams, or try to pick 1 and guess which language will get the majority of my attention this year.
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Speaks: Russian*, English, FinnishC1, Latin, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Studies: Danish, Romanian, Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Slovenian, Catalan, Czech, Galician, Dutch, Swedish

 Message 8 of 387
13 December 2014 at 3:02pm | IP Logged 
YnEoS, the more I look at your languages, the more I want to try out a tandem :D Would you be interested?

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