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What Expug is doing in 2015 (TAC n more)

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16 May 2015 at 7:45pm | IP Logged 
Good to hear your HDD is okay.

Hero Corp is in being discussed in two logs only? It felt like there were at least three
or four, sorry for the confusion :-D

And now you've nearly tempted me to start learning Portuguese (and you are the second to
try today).

Your Gmail draft looks like agood idea, thank for that!
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16 May 2015 at 8:28pm | IP Logged 
Bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite, Expug! Tudo bem? Acabei de descobrir um site que tem pelo menos meia dúzia de histórias em georgiano com áudio em mp3, e texto também. Além disso, tem texto em inglês, francês e neerlandês. A primeira se chama "Uma canção para Tbilissi" სიმღერა თბილისზე por Lasha Bugadze ლაშა ბუღაძე.

A segunda: გრძელი წერილი შორს წასულ დას por Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili ანა კორძაია–სამადაშვილი.

A terceira: თბილისელი მეხანჯლე

A quarta: შეწებებული კიდეები

A quinta: ეს 922 ადამიანს მოეწონა ფრანკ ვესტერმანი

A sexta é do Lasha Bugadze ლაშა ბუღაძე também: Três na cidade სამნი ქალაქში

Estas histórias representam quase três horas com áudio e texto em georgiano com uma tradução. Pensava em você. Espero que sejam útil. :)

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18 May 2015 at 11:40pm | IP Logged 
@Elenia, I don't usually do Portuguese-learning proselitism, but if you end up going for it, feel free to ask me for any help!

@Cavesa, same goes for you, naturally ;) Your native language is on my hitlist, actually it is still fighting with BCMS for the title of my favorite Slavonic language, while I keep improving my Russian. Same goes for the country which I should definitely get to know next time I fly to Europe.

@iguanamon: fantástico, meu amigo!! Vai ser meu próximo material assim que eu acabar de revisar o Newspaper Reader. Para línguas mais exóticas, qualquer material com áudio e transcrições faz a diferença. Serpent já sabe disso? Tem muitas outras línguas e dá pra combinar com o material do GLOSS.

I'm having a lot of free time during the weekends but I don't manage to do much for the Super Challenge. First of all, I don't like to get back to the same books/films I'm doing during the week, it sounds boring and as if I were at work. So I have to think about something new, but it is discouraging to read books only by a couple of pages during the weekend. I have one for Russian, but not for the other languages. I tend to watch long French videos on Youtube, but for the other languages I'm more concerned about reading. I can only read French and Norwegian without a translation, but I don't have other Norwegian books left, I usually read what I get and even buy when I need to. So, even though I have time, I don't work on German, Mandarin, Norwegian or Georgian at all. I believe at least with Georgian I will feel like reading more once I reach a basic reading fluency level.

This weekend I took the placement level from the Swedish university again for Norwegian and it didn't get much better from the previous time (I think we all took it at the same time when the link was shared here, daegga). During last week I had already been worried about my Norwegian being somewhat stagnated, and I confirmed this by taking the test and noticing even the texts there were a bit too difficult to understand. I'm still at a somewhat B1ish level instead of the expected B2, even though I did score B2 for some parts of the test. What do I learn from that? That I ought to try my best to resume writing in Norwegian because that was what was helping me the most. I should try to develop some islands; for example, I could remember of some series I've watched and write some sort of fan-dialogues, imagining the same characters in different situations, or even rewrite them with my own words, as I won't remember them ipsis literis, of course. I think it can be useful and it solves much of the "I don't know what to write about" issue .

Yesterday I watched The Sound of Music with my wife so we could recognize the scenic spots we visited in Salzburg :) It was a quite warming feeling to be somewhat familiarized with such beautiful scenes. Though the city looks renewed now when compared to 1965 (in the story it was 1936). The town looks more grayish on the film, not it's basically white and green. Mirabel front gardens have the same design with the same colors of flowers =D

I had an unexpected linguistic gift this morning: a co-worker (they are photographers) was selected for an exhibit at Alliance Française Madrid. They called him asking him to send the selected photo, but he doesn't understand Spanish. So he just came to my table and said 'talk to them in Spanish'; I was caught off guard but took the phone and talked to her; she told me the dimensions of the photo and the address. I overheard she talk French to someone else so I even told her in French that he was afraid the photo wouldn't get there on time. She said "ah, usted habla un poco de francés también". I understood it normally, so I'm glad I could be of help with my languages.

Half challenge for Norwegian reached (reading). Now I plan to keep reading 10 pages a day, but with much less pressure. Hope from now on it gets better the way it did with French when I finished th 5l pages for French. Maybe it is also time to compare how better my Norwegian will be after another 2500 pages - I plan to keep a global stat from the current SC when the previous one starts, for example, if I end this SC at 3050 pages for Norwegian I will then add a sum after next SC's figures: 1000 (4050), for example. The German one is only three book units away. Today I had a good German reading time, by the way, at least till the first 5 pages, and then I started to feel some burnout.

Today I had more time for a lot of things, as a consequence of the fact I used less time with Estonian. I watched an episode of Fais pas ci, fais pas ça but I had so much left to read at the forum that I couldn't pay attention all the time. One of the girls was mumbling "Já sei namorar's intro from Tribalistas while having headphones on. There were long threads at the forum so I decided to take a break, save them as tabs at Chrome and study Turkmen and Italian instead.
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21 May 2015 at 12:02am | IP Logged 
Language learning is always more fun when you have comprehensible input +1or2. This is the case with Lehrbuch der estnischen Sprache so far (by realizing I'm saying this at lesson 4 I risk facing incomprehsion already at lesson 8). I couldn't love the Estonian language more. I like especially the Grammar, even though noun morphology is a bit annoying. It seems the authors of textbooks are particularly creative. For example I'm listening to a dialogue where the sentences are scrabbled, so I have to check it and compare with the translation to figure out the correct order. Btw, my German also got better when it comes to reading the explanations.

Once again a good time reading Georgian. This is getting exciting. Maybe by the end of the SC I will be reading more or less freely the way I read Norwegian now.

Started the German film Lammbock. With good audio volume, at last. Will keep the side notepad window strategy.

Another hectic day. I can't do anything language-learning after my minimum time is over and I'm starting to work overtime.
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21 May 2015 at 2:30am | IP Logged 
Thanks for the offer! Beware, I may even take you up on it!

Well done on completing the Norwegian half challenge! And good luck with German :)

Reading about your trials and progress with Estonian and Georgian really does always inspire me. I remember reading about the difficulties you were having last year with Georgian, and I think it's so cool that you've come so far since then, and now from reading your log it seems like you are going from strength to strength. So it's almost as exciting for me to read your progress as it is for you to experience it!
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21 May 2015 at 11:13pm | IP Logged 
EDIT: Once again I made the silly mistake of not selecting the whole text on Notepad before pasting it to the forum. Days have been busy and sometimes I just finish the remaining works and rush to turn off the computer. I would like to thank Elenia again for the support even though I'm not exactly a model of learning efficiency. I also wrote something about Estonian but I might have got back to the same subject the day after.

I finished doing a 'second wave' of Georgian Newspaper Reader. I was going intensively through Georgian Newspaper Reader's texts but halfway I lost the will of cramming vocabulary. I must say this happened when I noticed some progress in reading overall Georgian at the novel i'm currently reading, a progress which in turn was caused by this reviewing of the Georgian Newspaper Reader's texts. So I think this fulfilled its task. Btw, this 'slot' I'm using for the Georgian Newspaper Reader and now the stories isn't supposed to be Georgian only, or else I'm just bringing Georgian back to the textbook study phase.

Accomplished Language Textbook: China in kleinen Geschichten

This came unexpectedly as I thought the book would be longer. I used it right after Erste chinesische Lesestücke because I did enjoy it. This one is a bit more difficult with longer texts, so I really didn't cram the words or translate one by one. At least I did notice some more improvement on both Chinese and German. I've already written about DTV's readers and I keep recommending them for Russian, Greek and Turkish.

Now I'm really running out of Chinese textbooks and I don't plan on searching for more, especially not the monolingual, non-OCRed ones. I want to move entirely to podcasts later, but for now I'm going for Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar from the Practical Guide series by Routledge, one I have recommended several times here as well. This book focuses on linguistical competencies instead of morphological/syntactical units and it should be accompanied by output, not just the exercises in the workbook but also trying to use what you learn in dialogues. Those who have used a book from this series will notice it deals with production a lot.

I watched my videos with more attention now, even though it is especifically hard with Norwegian (Helt Perfekt, S2E6), because the 'story' is free and a bit nonsensical. As for French, the movie seems quite good, deserves my attention.

Once again it was nice reading the translated novel. I check the first story from the ones suggested by iguanamon, and that one, too, written natively in Georgian, seems easier now. Still not easy enough to have any strong hopes, though. Then I payed attention to the series after several days not doing much so, and I understood quite a bit! At least enough to enjoy the story. I have to keep focusing on each activity individually, even those that are still a bit 'vague', like when I read and still don't understand what's going on and when I watch videos without subtitles. I've written it here before, too, but it is the genre of things we have to keep reminding ourselves about.

Finished the last book of a trilogy I was reading in German translation alongside with the English original, non-fiction. Now I'm going for my first fiction in German, Drei Männer im Schnee which I am going to read in parallel with Trois hommes dans la neige. Wish me luck, and blame daegga if things go too much troublesome =D .

Things aren't that bad with Russian either. Am I experiencing a season of linguistic growth? It seemed so much like stagflation and recession a few months earlier.

There is a happy hour to go and I also spent more time on Estonian again. So, I'm not much in the mood for Fais pas ci, fais pas ça, no Turkmen or Italian either. Only the forum reading is immensely delayed (as well as a non-linguistic course I have to do).

EDIT: Added bookpic.

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21 May 2015 at 11:36pm | IP Logged 
Expugnator wrote:
Now I'm going for my first fiction in German, Drei Männer im Schnee which I am going to read in parallel with Trois hommes dans la neige. Wish me luck, and blame daegga if things go too much troublesome =D .

Ho, I'm not to blame, it wasn't me! I suggested Hohlbein ;)
But there is an Austrian movie about Drei Männer im Schnee, so it might not be the worst decision after all. Austrian films are always funny. Or weird. Usually both.
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22 May 2015 at 2:31am | IP Logged 
Expugnator wrote:
Serpent já sabe disso? Tem muitas outras línguas e dá pra combinar com o material do GLOSS.

Sim, obrigada por pensar em mim :)

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