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Hello and hoping to join TAC?

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16 February 2015 at 10:37am | IP Logged 
Hi! I'm Kelsey, or Kel for short. To be honest I have been reading this forum for at least 2 years I think
but I've never been the type to make topics or post on forums. But this past year I've met another
passionate language learner and talking with him helps motivate me and It's reassuring and just nice
to have someone with similar interests and passions when it comes to languages. So I thought why
not start getting involved in this awesome site full of amazing language learners from around the

I was thinking the TAC might be something that would interest me. Is it too late for me to sign up? (Or
maybe I should post these questions in the thread other there).

Well anyway a little bit about me. I'm a college student right now. I've been studying Japanese
intensively for 4 years now. RTK(Remembering the Kanji), sentence mining method + total immersion,
Anki, memrise, lang-8, grammar books and took a few elementary Japanese classes at my school
(which did not help btw). Right now I can comfortably read daily-life novels like Murakami Haruki (I'm
reading ノルウェイの森 right now). I've been reviewing N3 grammar and started studying N2 grammar.
(Though I've never taken the JPLT so I don't really know which level I am at.) Can kinda watch anime
or j dramas depending on the terminology.. I can text chat in Japanese pretty well. Speaking I'm
pretty bad but I've been working on that..Started skyping every week for at least an hour in

The other language I started studying is Korean. I'm going to study abroad to Korea next year so I'm
really excited to start learning Korean. My Korean study habits are all over the place. I keep changing
my "method" unlike what I did in Japanese. Hopefully I can get some advice from you language
learners here on this forum! My goal is to be conversationally fluent in Korean by the time I arrive so I
can make some cool Korean friends at Yonsei university! I skype twice a week with a very sweet lady
in Korea who I found on italki and.. my Korean study methods aren't very consistent every week so I
don't really know what I'm doing now.

(I also read some of my favorite English novels translated into German for fun but I'm not actively
studying German. I figured it would be best to save that until after I get back from Korea or later.
German is just so tempting *-*)

Anyway that's a bit about me! Also if anyone could give me a heads up about the TAC or any advice
or tips or just wanna talk that would be great! Thanks everyone! <3

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16 February 2015 at 12:48pm | IP Logged 
With your language combination it is clearly the East Asian Team you should check out. You may also find some relevant information about the TAC system at the beginnning and the end (so far) of the general TAC thread.

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United States
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28 posts - 38 votes
Speaks: English*
Studies: Japanese, Korean

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17 February 2015 at 12:08am | IP Logged 
Ah. Thank you!

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