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MissKJ’s Dream! TAC 2015 東亜~

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19 February 2015 at 4:43am | IP Logged 
Hello Hello..

I'm Kelsey. Although I've been lurking around this forum for two years now reading everyone else's
journals, topics, posts and advice, I had never posted anything or got involved until recently. I
thought it would a nice change for me and hopefully a way to stay motivated and consistent in my
studies. =]


(This ended up being way longer than I intended so you can just skip to my Goals if you don't care to
read the details of my Japanese journey!)

I've been studying Japanese for.. wow 4 years now! I started my senior year of high school when my
best friend at the time was an exchange student from Japan. She really motivated me to seriously
start studying Japanese. I won't go too much into the details but here's a little summary of what I
have been doing.

Started/finished the RTK(Remembering The Kanji) Everyday I would fill notebooks of Kanji while I
should have been paying attention in my classes haha.
Memrise RTK course: tested the Kanji recognition --> English keyword
(I tried to read/play an otome visual novel but I understood literally nothing. )

After I finished the Kanji or at about 1,600 Kanji I started planning out my next study plan for
Japanese. I enrolled in a Japanese class at my university expecting to come out pretty fluent and I
so excited to take the course. But the course was very very easy and terribly slow. My professor was
very sweet though and I asked for extra work to improve my Japanese. Every week I would write a
journal in Japanese and she would correct any errors I had.

During the year I tried the core 6k vocabulary on Anki but somehow I stopped using that. I think I
wasn't very trusting that I was learning useful vocabulary. I was very impatient and determined to
learn Japanese I just wanted to be able to read any book and watch any show and understand it

The summer of 2013 I really buckled down.
I ended up deciding on the Khatz 10,000 sentences + full immersion method. (My mom thought I was
crazy Haha)
I made an Anki deck and added sentences of any words I didn't know from mining Japanese "out in
the wild". I read harry potter in Japanese, my first online 小説, online short stories Japanese people
wrote online. I started finding Japanese people skype with...(although I only ever said a few words in
Japanese), I studied every grammar point from the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and
studied the sentences on Anki. I deleted all my English music and listened to Japanese music,
Japanese podcasts of high school girls talking about anything and everything, listened to Japanese
drama cds to sleep and watched a ton of Japanese Dramas all summer.
Long story short that summer I lived and breathed Japanese.

After that summer I had created about 1k sentences I mined and I could read daily-life novels pretty
okay.. and kind of watch daily life/ high school Dramas (Switch Girl is my Favorite!!).
But after that summer I crashed. My motivation was gone and I was utterly and completely burnt out
from going so hard that summer. I took a break from Japanese for a semester.

(If you are still reading this thank you haha. Let's short this up and get to the point now >.>)

Read a light novel, started writing journal entries on lang-8 and finding Japanese skype friends on Used yomichan and Kanjitomo to add any unknown words from anything I read. I feel
fairly comfortable reading in Japanese and if I don't know I word I just add it to anki and I know it a
week later.

This year my goal for Japanese is to be conversationally fluent in Japanese. I have a mini panic attack
whenever I try to speak Japanese. I know this is a mental thing because I can write in Japanese and
understand native speakers when they talk to me I just freak out about speaking which is why I'm not
able to fluently express myself.
I also want to improve my Japanese listening and just learn to enjoy and use the language. I need to
make using Japanese more integrated into my life.
I also want to take the N2/N1 after I graduate so another mini goal is to study the Kanzen Master N2
and N1 books I ordered.

  1. Conversational fluency
  2. Integrate Japanese more into my life everyday.
  3. Read
    at least 2 novels
  4. Finish the Kanzen Master N2 Grammar book

(Wow that was a bit too long...I promise Korean will be shorter =])

I learned Hangul in middle school and bought Korean textbooks but I didn't really know what I was
doing and I wasn't prepared for the serious investment and dedication it took to learn a language.
Now I have a better idea from my Japanese studies.

I started studying Korean seriously last summer. I'm going to be an exchange student in Korea a year
from now and before that I want to be able to comfortably speak and make friends and able able to
live in the language.

  1. Conversational fluency
  2. Comfortably understand Korean Dramas and Korean

Thank you for reading!! And I'll update this log as much as I can!

I would love to hear from any other language learners and I'll be sure to comment on your logs as

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20 February 2015 at 3:48am | IP Logged 
You began learning japanese the same year than me, I feel I've wasted a lot of time.

Well, In 2012 I didn't have a clue about language learning, and my English wasn't good
enough to learn Japanese through English, so I didn't know about this forum or AJATT

But right now I'm doing more or less what you did on that summer in 2013, I read online
小説, news, and a Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and put almost everything into
Anki. And I'm using sub2srs too.

It will be interesting to keep track of this TAC, good luck with your goals :)

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20 February 2015 at 4:25pm | IP Logged 
Hi Salce! Thanks for stopping by~

Oh believe me I didn't know what I was doing with language learning. I ended up wasting a lot of my
time looking up language learning methods on Koohii Remembering the Kanji forum and buying a
bunch of Japanese textbooks that I never ended up using. And I ultimately got nowhere, until I
buckled down that summer and just "did something".

What types of 小説 do you read? And I'm curious as to how you are studying the DBJG on anki??

Ah I used sub2srs to learn how to watch my favorite Japanese movie without subtitles! Spirited
Away(千と千尋の神隠し). What a lovely program.

Thank you!! Somehow I thought no one would be reading this log haha.
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21 February 2015 at 8:05am | IP Logged 
This week was pretty productive!

First I'll explain my Korean study plans right now since I didn't mention it in the first post.

  • Glossika Sentences
  • 6k most common words(Memrise)
  • Writing Lang-8
  • Skyping in Korean 2 times a week for at least 1 hr each call

I Skype every weekend with a wonderful and sweet lady in Korea who is learning English as well. She
is very very patient and kind and I feel 100% comfortable speaking with her and making mistakes
which is exactly what I need. She's like my Korean mommy but more like 언니 (older sister) but you
know what I mean.

Well this week she had extra time to skype because of lunar new year. Anyway. We ended up talking
in Korean for 4 HOURS STRAIGHT! I was doing so well. I'm mad proud of myself!! I think part of the
reason my Korean speaking is improving because of the lang-8 and I bought the Glossika 3k
sentences. And Everyday(well trying to anyway) I've been going through the Glossika Spaced
Repetition sentences.

If you're not familiar basically it's an audio recording of Korean sentences and in a spaced repetition
order. So I've been going through the sentences and repeating. Trying to learn how to improve my
Korean accent because I sounded horrendous a few months ago. Anyway I think my mouth just
needed to get used to speaking Korean and getting the intonation and everything and being able to
express my self more quickly.

Dang why do I always end up writing so much..

Well basically I think Glossika is helping.
And I've been pretty consistent with memrise.

Only problem I'm having is deciding how to internalize Korean grammar. I mean, I have Korean
grammar book but I'm trying to figure out if I should go through the grammar books and add
sentences to anki or test cloze on anki or try adding them to memrise. I've done this before in the
past but I end up getting bored and not consistent studying Korean grammar. So I've just been
speaking and writing lang-8 journals and if I am trying to say a certain grammar point I usually think
of how I would say it in Japanese then look up the grammar in Japanese.

But yeah I need to figure out how I'm going to study Korean grammar

I skyped in Japanese for a little this week but not for very long and I freaked out again and probably
ended up saying ごめんね、宿題をしないと..行かないと!や. .また次!(Sorry I have homework to do.
gotta go.. bye next time)

Still trying to work on that..Well at least I've been writing journals on lang-8. I love expressing myself
in Japanese. Everything feels so much different. In a good way. I was also a little sad this week at
some point and when that happens I can completely immerse myself in Japanese. It feels so great.

Anyway off subject.

I haven't been studying N2 Grammar.. I will try to tomorrow then. I should make more of an effort with
Japanese. Or at least start a new drama.

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Ezy Ryder
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21 February 2015 at 9:04am | IP Logged 
A little tip. When you write something in a language which doesn't use ("regular")
spaces, you might need to input some by yourself here. As far as I understand, otherwise
this forum's software will input them automatically, and because UTF-8 characters can be
more than 1-byte wide, sometimes it inputs them into a character, which causes problems
with displaying them.
And don't worry about writing "so much." A more detailed post can be more interesting
than an extremely laconic one.
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21 February 2015 at 9:11am | IP Logged 
Ah I didn't notice that Thank you!
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21 February 2015 at 5:08pm | IP Logged 
I had never heard of the Glossika Mass Sentence packs before. The concept almost sounds
like Pimsleur in SRS form.

For grammar, Talk To Me In Korean is always a good choice since their 9-level grammar
lesson series (MP3 + PDF) is available for free. The hosts are entertaining and they teach
quite a few grammar forms throughout the series. Each level is 30 lessons, except for Level
1 which is only 25.
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22 February 2015 at 8:22pm | IP Logged 
Ah Yes! I have used Talk to me in Korean before and I listen to their Iyagi series. I know there's some
great resources for learning Korean. I just get bored studying grammar after a while and I also need
to figure out a good way to study grammar on Anki.

Since I tend to get bored I will just look up grammar points that are useful to me at the time and add
them to an anki grammar deck .

I'll try making the cards like this and see if I can study grammar consistently:

저, 가족, 매일, 가도하다 (을 위해서)
저는 가족을 위해서 매일 가도하고 있어요.
I pray for my family everyday
for the sake of
N을 위해서

I wasn't able to have my language exchange today sadly.. But that's okay.
Yesterday I studied some 120+ words on Memrise. I had a lot of free time yesterday so that was fun.
I'm thinking about making an anki deck for Korean words I encounter out in the "wild" But when I
have so many decks at once and at different places I tend to not study them everyday and then the
reviews start lagging behind and it all turns into a mess.

I've still been thinking about which song I'm going to learn for the TAC Feb challenge. Usually it's
very easy for me to memorize a song from replaying it every second. Only problem is a lot of songs I
listen to in Korean have rap and I'm not sure I'll be able to memorize the rap parts perfectly lol

I'm in love with this song:
But I also love this song:
But I'm probably gonna end up choosing this song:

I read a few articles online and started re-watching Spirited Away in Japanese. No subtitles wwoooo
It's crazy how much I improved from that crazy summer. I just remember using subs2srs and adding
every sentence from the movie and looking up every word. All that work really paid off.. It's a great
reminder and motivation for Korean to know if I did in Japanese I can do it in Korean as well..

Ah. I'm also reaching an interesting milestone in Korean. I think I'm out of the "honeymoon" phase
with Korean and now it's as if I can start getting lost in Korean. I can read Korean more quickly and
recognize more words and remain immersed in the language for a longer period of time than before.
It's hard to explain but it's as if Korean is starting to have a world of it's own, instead of being this
"new cool unknown language". I don't know if I'm making sense but this is what it feels like. And I
remember having this feeling last summer with Japanese.

Also Korean Grammar is starting to make more sense the more I read and see examples and I think
ohh... So that's how I would say that. I've been seeing more repetition etc so that's been exciting.
Finally finished my current Korean Drama. Time to start a new one today!

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