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Svenska-Engelska/Engelska-Svenska ordbok

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15 March 2015 at 12:12am | IP Logged 
jeff_lindqvist wrote:

There is a svenskt-grekiskt lexikon at the Lexin site: lningsformular/lexikon-pa-minoritetssprak.html

There is contact info at the bottom of the page.

I send them an email twice, but unfortunately i did't get any reply...until now :(

But allow me to add some extra info, in case it'll be useful to others...

As concerns the Norstedts series, there is a title that offers the gender and the plural forms of swedish words and that would be:

Norstedts engelska fickordbok

Nοw, as concerns the pronunciation of swedish words, Norstedts publishes Svenska språknämndens uttalsordbok using the IPA alphabet.

Also, Svenska Akademien publishes the 14th edition of Svenska Akademiens ordlista : 14 upplagan and will be available on this April.

I believe that the above two titles is pretty much a good choice for someone to learn the pronunciation (even though we're dealing with an "unofficial" (?) pronunciation)

A combination of two books (gender/plural + pronunciation) is the best option
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13 October 2015 at 12:05pm | IP Logged 
Shocking state of affairs based on the comments on the first page of the thread.... hehe....

I don't agree with the notion that there is no "standard" pronunciation in Swedish.
There is, and it's the accent spoken by people in the capital area. There are maybe a handful of words that have "alternative" pronunciations based on geography or social background, but that's definitely nothing to get hung up on for a beginner learner, and it really doesn't matter since everyone will understand, regardless.

So I don't know where the idea would come from, that there are words that are described as pronounced one way in the dictionaries but actually pronounced differently in reality. I can't think of any normal word that would fall into that category.

It's a shame that fonetics are missing in the dictionaries, but like Jeff Lindquist said - Use Forvo or Wiktionary!

Personally I came across a Russin made SWE-RU dictionary that had all the Swedish words foneticized and sometimes also using the cyrillic letters to illustrate some words. And I really don't think there are any huge numbers of Russian speakers that are studying Swedish... Hard to think the situation would be worse then that, in English!

Most people don't even properly know the phonetic alphabet anyway!
Definitely Forvo and Wiktionary will bridge the gap!!!
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13 October 2015 at 12:44pm | IP Logged 
I have two bilingual dictionaries (Finnish-Swedish and German-Swedish) from Berlitz, and both of them contain gender and pronunciation information on the Swedish side. The pronunciation guide is not perfect, but it's actually pretty useful, as it indicates stress, vowel length and in some cases vowel quality. There are still little problems like the y's, but having already the internet at your disposal it shouldn't be a problem. I only wonder if the English-Swedish dictionaries from Berlitz are similar to my examples, you could check it out. For inflections I use SAOL (Svenska Akademiens ordlista över svenska språket) in electronic form.

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