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Spanich series dvd with subtitles

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08 March 2015 at 7:49pm | IP Logged 

I am back to language learning after a couple of years of "break" where I was busy with the rest of my life. I am looking for something that I could use to help me with my Spanish learning. I am also doing more formal learning but I find that using the tv greatly helps me in putting more fun in the first stages.

I would like a tv serie or sitcom that I could watch in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

Do you have any suggestions? I am asking people here because what I did firss was trying to watch movies I have at home who are available with Spanish soundtrack and Spanish subtitles but most of the time THE SUBTITLES DON'T MATCH THE SOUNDTRACK. I don't know if this is because the material I am watching is made in the US and originally in English.

Well, if you have any ideas. I am in Montreal Canada.
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20 June 2017 at 2:41am | IP Logged 
One series I love in English was In Therapy. They did a remake in Argentina which is
called En Terapia. You can watch it on youtube here:
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