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Hi!? Hello! Hello?! Hi! (from Manila)

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07 April 2015 at 6:27am | IP Logged 
I have done a few posts on here already but thought I would take a quick time to write a
short into.

I am an American who moved to Manila, Philippines with her husband and three young boys age 5
and under. My husband who grew up in Manila, moved to the US (Southern California) in high
school. We met and got married several several years later. Then just last year my
husband's work brought him back to Manila where he grew up. Now we are a young family living
in Manila, Philippines.

I love the Filipino people and culture. I don't know if I would be willing or able to move
anywhere in the world, but I was eager to follow my husband here because I love the people.

I am not really a "language person" and I dont think I would learn a language if I didnt
really have to or wasnt living abroad.

Although English is widely spoken and understood here in Manila and most parts of
Philippines, I desire to learn the language in order to learn the culture better and also to
cultivate better relationships with the locals.

I am easily discouraged and I lose my motivation a lot to learn, so I hope this forum will
help keep me accounable and motivated with ideas and such.

I am going to try to keep it fun so that I stay motivated. Since I live in the country of my
target language I have lots of resources all around me. It is just my job and discipline to
utlize them as English is constantly used and people switch to English whenever they are
around me.

Are there other moms on this forum? Moms who learned a language while having young kids in
the home? I would love to hear from them as to tips and such.


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