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Sharing Movie Audio Tracks

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08 April 2015 at 10:22am | IP Logged 
I definitely enjoy watching films and I try to buy films in Blu-Ray with as many alternate language audio tracks when I can, but sometimes you get a movie with only your native language. Also, since I live in the United States, when I get a film with alternative languages it usually has Canadian French (which is not the kind I'm learning) or sometimes there's Peninsular Spanish (which is also not the kind I'm learning and odd since most people don't speak that type in the U.S.). So I really wish there could be a way to share the audio tracks with others via a website. Honestly it's not that hard to extract audio files from Blu-rays but of course we all have to consider the legality of sharing the audio files. I did a test and converted a Latino Spanish audio track that an hour and a half to simply a MP3 at 128kps with 2 Channels and it's just short of 85MB. A person could put that on their MP3 player and start it when the movie starts or can choose it as an alternative track if they play a Blu-ray on their computer. Of course what would be best is simply have an official website by which to pay a small amount for the audio track or if Blu-ray players had the ability to stream the audio while playing through their internet connection. Anyway, this is more of a thought I wanted to share. Please share you're thoughts about it.

I will like to add that if a site with these audio tracks is legal to have then I'd definitely would like to partake in its construction and would want to be the first to say that Drupal is site CMS I'd suggest, especially when Drupal 8 releases.

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08 April 2015 at 11:34pm | IP Logged 
I use movies and series soundtracks for languages learning since 1995.
I doubt the industry will ever work on the business of selling soundtracks.
However I am also sure they will stand forever on "It is not because we don't sell it that you have the freedom to exchange soundtracks with the world, your friends or relatives."

So. Life long and piracy.
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