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Tim och britterna

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27 May 2015 at 10:25am | IP Logged 
jeff_lindqvist wrote:
These two will probably cover most of what you may be interested in:
SF-bokhandeln (Sci-fi, fantasy etc.) - - Kungsgatan 19

So, getting to this shop was the goal. And we found it too. Except ...

Closed for renovations. I did that thing where you illogically keep walking back to something and looking again in the ridiculous hope that what you saw wasn't true. After two or three silly attempts to make the shop open by looking at it, I noticed a sign (in Swedish), which I translated as "We've flown to [new address]." Thank you, Asterix!

I tracked down the shop and went to the basement, which was full of comics and graphic novels. I couldn't see any sign of Asterix so had to resort to asking a staff member, which I normally hate to do:

- Hej!
- Hej!
- Jag talar inte svenska. Talar ni engelska?
- Yes, I do.
- Yes! I love Sweden! I can see you have Tintin books. I need Asterix. Do you have any?
- Possibly. Only in Swedish though.
- YES!!!

He tracked down a copy for me. It was the only Asterix that they had and, unfortunately for me, it wasn't the first in the series, which is what I collect in different languages, but nonetheless, I was delighted to return home with this:

Sweden was fabulous. It might have only been two nights in total that we spent there but we would definitely return again, to Sweden in general and Ljungskile (a town about 65km north of Gothenburg) in particular. If you're interested, you can read the details of our trip on our travel blog.

Thank you everybody for taking the time to help me. I don't know when I'll try reading the second Asterix book and maybe even try formally learning Swedish because there's the small matter of holidays and 600 pages of a Catalan book, but I'll certainly give it some thought for later in the year.

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27 May 2015 at 5:55pm | IP Logged 
I'm glad you managed to find the shop! (And something to read!)
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