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Projet PFC (a corpus of spoken French)

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16 May 2015 at 4:11am | IP Logged 
Le projet international PFC (Phonologie du Français Contemperain)

This is a great site which contains lots of examples of real French from throughout the Francophonie. It is the result of an extensive linguistic study. For
most speakers interviewed we're given a location, gender, age, profession, profession of parents, education and lots of other stats which can give us an idea of
their socio-economic status and the sort of dialect they're speaking. For each speaker we have transcripts and recordings of a word list (which demonstrates all
possible French phonological distinctions), a pre-prepared text which they've been asked to read, a guided conversation with a linguist, and a free conversation
with another study participant. This allows us to get an idea of how their speech changes between formal speech (reading a prepared text) and informal
(conversation). In fact all of this gives so many opportunities for those interested in French that I couldn't possibly fit them into this post.

Elderly architect from Belgium and his details

The search page (kinda sucks)

There is a companion volume entitled "Les variétés du français parlé dans l'espace francophone" which I've found to be excellent. One part of it is a physical book
which contains general descriptions of the different regional dialects. The other part is a DVD with chapters as pdf files in which linguists analyse individual
speakers and point out interesting features of their idiolects.

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