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Irish-English bilingual or easy websites

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2015 June 09 at 2:16am | IP Logged 
tl;dr: I'm looking for web-accessible Irish resources, specifically bilingual in
Irish/English, or available in parallel editions for each language. Easy Irish
aimed at kids is also great.

I've been happily using various text/audio courses, plus SRS on computer/devices, since I
started studying Irish early this year. But I've hit a patch of life stress, and one side
effect has been losing focus for normal courses, and an balancing fascination with
bilingual texts or very easy Irish for kids.

I've got a perfect bilingual book I'm enjoying at home, unfortunately out of print Favorite
Irish Legends in Irish and English, but I had the worst luck getting hold of my copy, and
I'm not going to schlep it around in my bag all day running errands. As part of the life
stress, many errands and appointments lie ahead of me soon.

So I'm looking for anything available via a phone or tablet on the go, that's a bilingual
text resource in Irish and English. I'm delighted with any random thing, from official
documents mandated to exist in both languages, to multilingual product instructions. I've
been having fun with the Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge A1 syllabus, but while that started out
cool and meta, it's become a bit like eating the same lunch every day.

I can also puzzle out Irish language materials directed at children. For example, here's a
page of
Children's Rhymes and Songs

But I've had a hard time finding websites for children, which seems weird. Am I not using
the right search terms?

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2015 June 10 at 1:24am | IP Logged 
And now I will ignore your question and answer a different one. ;-)

Have you seen Bliu Bliu yet? It's not parallel texts, but all L2 texts. The texts are chosen according to an algorithm
that tries to estimate what words you do and don't know, and to search for texts where you know most of the
words. The others are highlighted and every word has a hover-over translation. Catch: it's free to use in small
doses, but small fee to unlock unlimited. Also, it's a bit rough around the edges, but a promising idea.
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