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09 June 2015 at 7:32pm | IP Logged 
Following garyb's suggestion, I think we should start working on a wikia article summing up the abstract vocabulary debates here. That would be kinda similar to the articles I started about Simultaneous study and s_allard's kernel strategy. Just even more delicate, hehe.

I've thought of the following sections so far, I think they account for most of the differences:

goals: productive vs receptive, travel, work, passing an exam, impressing native speakers, hitting a benchmark (like 8000 words or whatever)
languages and language combinations
word counting: usefulness, limits, the validity of statistics

examples of threads that are still welcome: practical questions, any new techniques, word lists/SRS decks for a specific purpose, new studies (but not any random popular articles), the vocab component of any language programme/method, discussions *within* each viewpoint about its details etc, maybe polls

anything else? anyone volunteering to write some parts?

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09 June 2015 at 11:34pm | IP Logged 
I've just started a thread on thematic vocab resources and hope to get more people who use them to share their tips, recommendations and warnings against bad works. If people join, it might develop into a useful thread to link. If not, no harm done.

Important links and methods to include: I can think of Iversen's guide and of the goldlist discussion. Perhaps as well some of the old threads comparing various srs.
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