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Where are the transcripts for NHK World ?

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05 July 2015 at 6:04am | IP Logged 
People are talking about how NHK as verbatim transcripts for multiple languages

But I have not been able to find this option on the website at all? Could someone please give me
some instruction on how to find the transcript for English and French programmes ?

Please and thank you
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05 July 2015 at 1:37pm | IP Logged 
Your profile says you study Arabic. I can't read Arabic, so I'll guide you through the Spanish site. The same holds true for the Portuguese site and the French site.

1) Go to the "news" for whatever language. On the NHK World Spanish site it's here- "Noticiario".

2) Right click on "Escuche" (Listen) with the speaker icon and open it in a new tab.

3) Click on the first story (the featured one). The transcript for that story will show up Click on the listen tab. You get a choice of mp3 or windows media. I used mp3.

4) On the main page the stories proceed from top to bottom. Once you click on the first story the page changes to show the transcript and the other stories are shown below and typically arranged in a two column format proceeding from left to right proceeding to the bottom. You must go through them manually, individually, one by one as each story changes. It can be confusing at first but after a few listens you will become accustomed to it. They haven't changed their format in years. They also have an iphone, android app for mobile devices.

The stories are translated from English and tweaked by the language teams. Of course some of the English has been translated from Japanese. The English stories can be found on their English site but the English site is much more fleshed out than the other language sites and the format is more elaborate. They can be difficult to find and the translations to other languages are often shortened considerably.

The NHK newscast is the driest and perhaps least engaging newscast I've ever heard but for a language learner it can be highly useful. They can be downloaded as an mp3 file. You can copy and paste the news items in order into a word/open office document and print it to pdf to put on a mobile device. Even if it isn't the most exciting newscast out there (The commentaries are the worst), it's only 9 minutes long on the weekends and 15 minutes long during the week. It's probably not going to kill your soul and will help train listening, if you listen consistently, everyday for a few months. (Provided that you have enough of a basic level in the language.)

Transcripts can be used many ways. Read first then listen. Listen first then read. Read and listen simultaneously. Listen, read and then listen again. Read, listen and then read again, etc. They can also be used as a check on your listening comprehension by trying to transcribe a story by taking notes in shorthand. There are a bunch of ways to use the transcripts and you'll have to find which one works for you. You have to also remember that the point of using the transcripts is to help train listening comprehension and at some pint, you'll need to transition away from them.

With Portuguese, I did that by listening/reading the stories when I first awoke and then listening to just the audio later on my morning walk. After a while, I didn't need the transcript anymore. Good luck, I hope this helps.

After reading your profile, it seems you have some experience with learning languages before but it seems that wanderlust has been with you as well. My advice is to pick one language, learn it and then study as many as you want. The advantages of learning a second language to a high level are manifold. It's like giving yourself a key that will help tremendously to open many locks.

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