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Is Arabic underestimated?

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17 July 2017 at 9:30am | IP Logged 
Arabic has many speakers but it is limited only to the Gulf regions. People look
'differently' (with fear) at people who speak Arabic in the outside countries.

The language itself is not underestimated but is restricted.

William Camden
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23 July 2017 at 7:42am | IP Logged 
hp230 wrote:
Luso wrote:

As for literature, maybe you're being a bit hard on yourself: Arab book prizes seem to
showcase vibrant minds. And some details are wonderful: just recently, a woman got an
award for a piece of work denouncing women's living conditions. The award was
delivered in a country not known for a progressive stand in favour of women's rights
(it was their turn to host the event, I guess), and in the end it all went very well.

I've already said that there are exceptions. However, I still insist that the quality
of the writings has dramatically dropped. There are no more famous names as it was 50
years ago (during and after the colonization period of the arabic world especially).
Anyway, I may be wrong but that's my humble opinion. In fact, even the reading
community is shrinking day after day. A recent study have shown that the average
number of books a Tunisian reads per year is 2 pages!!!! my god!!!!. (This so
embarrassing but it's the truth)
So, you can see why I'm being "hard on myself" :'(.

About the history thing, it's true that Mecca, Damaskas and then Baghdad were the
centers of power of the Islamic picture, but we can not forget the role of north
africa in spreading the religion and the language with it.

Ifriqiyya (north africa now) was the key to conquer the Iberian peninsula after all,
and even after the fall of Baghdad, Ifriqiyya got its independance and in the period
of 200 years many great things were established within the islamic culture. Even after
it was conquered by the ottomon empire, the relationship was almost limited to paying
taxes and designating governers.

Now if I may add something to the Tatars story, my piano teacher (who is Ukrainien)
once told me that the center power of the Russkievska empire have changed from Kiev to
Moskou (which was only a small village) due to the mongolo-tatar invasion, Imagine
that didn't happen, many things would change obviously.
Adding some action to the picture, the fall of Baghdad was really really weird, just
20 days and everything was gone!!!
History is cruel, sometimes hutful to tell but always good to know.

Not unique to there. A recent report stated that in Turkey people watch as much as six
or so hours of TV a day. They read a book for about a minute a day on average. No
doubt the book-reading minority read a book for much longer than a minute a day but
this statistic underscores that it is a minority.

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