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Any tips on using flashcards?

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06 August 2015 at 9:30pm | IP Logged 
In the US, there are a good number of people who can't write properly in English. That's fairly obvious just cruising around the internet. Though, that could also be attributed to having a large amount of non-native speakers.
But I would say that a very high majority of native speakers can speak English pretty well. The thing I said about wondering if Romanians can speak their difficult language was just kind of a joke. I have no doubt they can;
I've seen it on Romanian TV.

I excluded books, magazines and newspapers because I assumed all countries had their own magazines and newspapers and every country is filled with people who love to write. The reason I was asking is because, let's say
you don't speak English and you want to buy a new piece of software from a small American company. The manual that's included is only made in English. I am just wondering what would happen if you didn't have this
"extremely useful tool" at your disposal. (This wasn't related to any studying materials I might use when learning Czech.)

Romanian is going well, I think. I just started translating articles that I've found online. It's going slowly but I'm progressing. Last night, it must have taken me two hours just to understand two sentences, and I still haven't
figured out everything in those two sentences. I have no problem with vocabulary and verb conjugation. It's the smaller things that are confusing. I think I have a comprehensive grammar book but there were one or two things I
couldn't find in it. I can't tell if those are mistakes in the sentences or if it's just a quirky part of the language. Probably neither, really. I just need more knowledge. I found a grammar book online that I'm going to start
referencing along with the one I've bought.

How is your Spanish and German? Do you speak these languages well enough yet to hold a (limited?) conversation or are you still at a beginner stage?

EDIT: I have no clue why the formatting of my posts are so disjointed.

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06 August 2015 at 10:23pm | IP Logged 
I was joking as well, sorry if that wasn't obvious. By some criteria, I might not be a fully proficient Czech speaker anymore as well. My writen skills have been deteriorating in the last few years, I don't stay in tough with language reforms (such as changes of using capital leters), a few features of other languages are invading my Czech. Well, I don't mind.

Monolingual manuals are probably an american specific issue. In Europe, you usually get a multi-language manual as they don't print them separately for each language (that's great, I can read in all my target languages when I buy some things!). It is against the law to sell something without Czech instructions and other such information, even for small American companies. I'd say there is a similar law to prevent customers in all the european countries. The only way to get something without Czech instructions is to buy it from a foreign eshop, which is every customer's right to choose. But the company, as soon as it wants to sell in shops located here, no matter how small it is, has to get a translation of the manual.

I speak Spanish well. I still make mistakes as I need to work on my grammar, but I can hold a conversation about anything I want and my comprehension is really high. I can read a book or watch tv without noticing much it is a foreign language. My German is much worse, somewhere on the borders of being a beginner and intermediate. It could do with much more time devoted to studies :-)

Formatting: well, you might like the new htlal (same address, .org domain), it is more active than this old one and formating is not such a pain.

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