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How many phonemes have native language?

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10 October 2015 at 8:31pm | IP Logged 
All varieties of Spanish have these phonemes, for which the phonetic features or
hallmarks minimum specified:

1. / a /: maximum open vowel phoneme (allophones: [a], [ɑ]).
2 / B /: Phoneme obstruent bilabial sound (spellings: b, v and w, allophones: ,
3 / C /: palatal affricate phoneme (ch spelling).
4. / D /: coronal-alveolar phoneme sound obstruent (allophones: [d], [δ]).
5. / e /: palatal vowel phoneme average opening (allophones: [e], [ɛ]).
6. / f /: lip-dental fricative phoneme, in many zones is realized fricative bilabial
7 / G /: obstruent ensure sound phoneme (g spellings gu, allophones: [g], [γ]).
8. / i /: palatal vowel phoneme and minimum aperture.
9. / x /: fricative phoneme velar (spellings gyj, allophones [x], [χ])
10. / k /: occlusive deaf velar phoneme (c spellings qu).
11. / l /: lateral phoneme (coronally) alveolar
12 / m /: nasal labial phoneme.
13. / n / nasal phoneme (coronally) alveolar.
14. / n /: palatal nasal phoneme.
15. / o /: vowel phoneme ensure average opening (allophones: [o], [ɔ]).
16 / p /: occlusive phoneme (bi) labial deaf.
17. / r with what has ebn c che /: Phoneme vibrant single (-r- spelling, -r).
18. / r / (rr): Phoneme vibrant manifold (-rr- spelling, r). In many parts of America
there is no vibration for rr but a fricative sound or asibilado (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
inside northern Argentina).
19. / s /: fricative phoneme (coronally) alveolar (s spelling in some varieties zyc).
20. / t /: occlusive phoneme (coronally) alveolar deaf.
21. / u /: vowel phoneme ensure minimum opening.
22. / y /. Phoneme palatal sonorant (spelling and in the areas yeístas also corresponds
to ll Earlier word is performed as palatal affricate in some varieties inside word
pronounced it as approximant [ʝ] and other fricative [ʃ ] or [ʒ]).
Hope this can help you!
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