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What is the best language?

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01 January 2016 at 5:05pm | IP Logged 
I'm quite confident that if I were able to speak every single language there is - to be able to make some sort of valid comparison, the one I'd choose as the best would be the one that is the most complex and sophisticated.

This has been true with my entire linguistic experience. The simpler (=less complex) a language is compared to another language I know, the more of a limitation it poses to the mental process of thinking and speaking, making it objectively a worse language.

This goes for languages as a whole as well as particular elements of a language, e.g. once I mastered the English tense system, I often feel constrained by the simpler tense system of my native Polish language by making me unable to express what my mind conceptualizes having its abilities broadened by knowing the English tense system.
In this instance, however, Polish is much more sophisticated than English and therefore better.
German is also more sophisticated than English and so is better (for me) than English, even though I'm more fluent in English.
If your mind uses, say, the concept of dual number, a language without dual number will make you feel constrained. If your mind formulates a thought or an idea using the concept of verbal aspect, then being deprived of the ability to express it will feel frustrating etc.
This is very obvious, isn't it?

That rule has been true for every single language I've ever spoken.

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25 January 2016 at 7:23am | IP Logged 
We have to respect all other language too.Every language has it's own ornament.We the
from Bengali language speak.So we love Bengali.We have sacrificed our lives for Bengali

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01 March 2016 at 7:16am | IP Logged 
No one will tell the other languages as good when they love their native language. I like
to speak and write English language. Because all of us can understand it clearly.
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05 March 2016 at 3:35pm | IP Logged 

Conservative European or the whole area except English, and maybe the Scandinavian
languages and the Indo Branch should be removed since I think they are in good shape.
I kinda like German too but there are some grey areas, It's not the quality of the
language but the way it's done, namely the prescriptive nature ("native speakers also
suck, my language is so sophisticated they can do X right according to le academie) or
the general structure of being so....Well I've said it before (looking at you Eastern
Europe).... So to conclude: European < REST OF THE WORLD.

For typology, these below are my pick on what to show to a person just to explain:

Isolating: Hmong

Fusional: Sanskrit

Agglutinating: Korean

Polysynthetic: Navajo/Abkhaz

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24 April 2016 at 3:29pm | IP Logged 
This is a very complex question. Looking at it from the perspective of the joy of speaking the language, I feel Italian is like that for me. It is easy (for me) to pronounce, and it flows so wonderfully.

I also like the flexibility of Slavic languages (syntax is quite flexible as word order is not fixed) and they allow for a lot of poetic freedom in creating new words using prefixes and suffixes or just by putting words together.

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24 April 2016 at 5:39pm | IP Logged 
Just to let you know most of us have moved over to after we had some
techincal problems with this forum. You can post on
both sites or one or other but I must say the new
site is WAY more active.

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