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Introduction to Lingula

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03 February 2016 at 5:01am | IP Logged 
Hello, I am the founder of Lingula(a constructed language that aims to be intelligible
to all Romance speakers.


I am originally from Sardinia and I have studied the Romance languages for many years.
I started with Latin and found a great fondness for it and taught for some
years. I recently discovered the constructed language Interlingua which aims to be
comprehensible to all the Romance languages. However, I have found many design flaws
with it, namely a bias toward Spanish(hence a disadvantage toward Italian, Romanian,
French, and Portuguese speakers), arbitrary Latin words(for example sometimes it will
use a Latin word where a Romance word can be used with less confusion), and the
possibility of confusion with words that can easily be changed.

I have spent the last week surveying the Reddit community from France, Argentina,
Italy, Romania, et cetera in order to evaluate the effectiveness of my new
language. I have surveyed over 450 people. The results(while certainly not conclusive)
show Lingula is about 40-50% more comprehensible than Interlingua. There are
limitations to this type of survey, which are listed in the document I provide below.

Sample of the language(from our subreddit):

Isto subreddito es pro practicar e transmiter informationes concernendo Lingula, bella
lingua auxiliare internationale que es facile apprender e comprensible a
prima vista.
Spero que apprendereis cum me! Per favore dice me de Lingula!

As you can see the language is built from the Romance languages to be easy to learn
and understand.

Why not Esperanto?

Esperanto has a different goal than Lingula. Lingula seeks to comprehensible and
easier to learn than any natural language. Esperanto seeks to be very easy to
learn and unify the world. I'd like to upfront and honest about this since I have took
Esperanto and I think its an interesting concept. So first here are some things
Esperanto has over us:

Its more internationally neutral

Its slightly to learn for non-Romance speakers.

Advantages of Lingula over Esperanto

Immediately practical. Since Esperanto is internationally neutral, it is not
intuitively understandable to anyone. While with Lingula, you could use it to
speak with people immediately.

Easier to learn for Romance language speakers. While both Esperanto and Lingula
are fairly easy to learn, all of the vocabulary in Lingula is derived immediately from
Latin and the Romance languages.

Irregularities. Every language has some irregularities including Esperanto. I
have sought to eliminate irregularity in Lingula while still maintain
comprehensibility. The only time I did not remove an irregularity was if all of the
Romance languages shared it. So there is still very few.

A mixture of Synthetic and Analytic. One thing I never understood was that no
grammar= better. A lot of languages try to have very minimal grammar but this
doesn't necessarily make things easier to learn. Chinese is one of the most analytic
languages in the world(that is lacking grammar), but it still is very difficult to
learn. Esperanto went with the nominative-accusative distinction. However, Lingula
focuses on analytic word order(like English and the Romance languages), slightly more
complex verb morphology(like English and the Romance languages), with only
accusative/nominative distinction in a couple of pronouns(like He/him, tu/te in the
respective languages). Lingula is far closer to how these languages operate
grammatically, while still maintaining an easy to learn, easy to use system.

Core Grammar:

Lingula per metodo directo: 8cTHfmqGbyYpOh_av48/edit

Memrise Course: nder-


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13 February 2016 at 3:47am | IP Logged 
At first I thought that said 'Lingala', a language I speak. I imagine the search engines
would probably correct to that, as well.

I speak Esperanto, also. I can say I did understand the sample text you posted, so that's
pretty cool! *the link doesn't work for me (grammar)

Edited by SallImSayin on 13 February 2016 at 3:49am

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22 February 2016 at 12:18pm | IP Logged 
LingulaOfficial wrote:
Hello, I am the founder of Lingula(a constructed language that aims to be intelligible
to all Romance speakers.

Hi LingulaOfficial, is there any way I can get in contact with you? As you can see, I am a devoted language learner and I
would love to discuss lingula with you and give it a try. I am a regular in the latin sub on reddit (/u/llosa) and I have also
done real-life work with some rare languages.
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22 February 2016 at 7:13pm | IP Logged 
Hello LingulaOfficial,

This is a very interesting post and I suggest that you register on the A Language Learner's Forum and post it there, as well. Owing to the persistent technical and administrative problems associated with this forum, the "A Language Learner's Forum" was launched in mid-2015 as a "replacement" website. Most of the "more active" members have registered on the new website and that is where most of the discussions now take place. See you there!

Kind regards,

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