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Android app: 10,000 sentences

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06 January 2017 at 9:19am | IP Logged 
This is a small Android application I'm using to learn new words.

It is available here: 00sentences

It is based on the Tatoeba sentences database, it will present you a sequence of 10,000 sentences in increasing order of complexity. For each sentence you need to
guess all the words.

The app has an simple integration with Google Translate (which you need to have installed). It also uses text-to-speach, if it is available for that language (but if it isn't
there are many TTS engines on Google Play store for languages missing in most Android phones). You can also "annotate" words. I use it to create my own dictionary
entry, each time I see a new/unknown word.

There are currently 24 languages in two "directions". So, for example there is "French for English speakers" and "English for French speakers". There is even "English for
Latin speakers", and I'm playing with the idea to add "English for Klingon speakers" ;)

Hope you like it, and feedback is welcome!

PS. The app is open source, source here:

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