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Pimsleur Comprehensive 2017

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10 April 2017 at 1:05am | IP Logged 
I intended to continue putting Pimsleur program releases each year in the new forum,
but I left the new forum, as I do not want to split my time with both the new and old.
I have other interests in the real world outside of the internet, so I don't intend to
come back frequently. I already made one thread pertaining to this in the new forum,
but it feels wrong to not have one made here.

Dates are subject to change as usual for products not yet released.

Tagalog II    Jan.24/17
Farsi II      Apr.04/17
Norwegian II May.09/17
Brazilian Portuguese IV Jul.18/17
Russian IV    Sep.26/17
Japanese V    Nov.07/17

My prediction back in 2015 about Japanese 5 is finally being released this year.
Deduction is one of the best ways to predict what will be released. Brazilian
Portuguese 4 and Russian 4 are being released this year, it is a good prediction, that
a Brazilian Portuguese 5 and Russian 5 will also follow eventually.

Keep on requesting more programs people, if you want one made. There is nothing to
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11 April 2017 at 9:44pm | IP Logged 
Recently, on the LANGUAGE LEARNERS' FORUM, member "Pimsleur"commented:

... While we are owned by a large publishing house, Pimsleur is a very small team of dedicated language enthusiasts. Our executive editor has been involved with Pimsleur since the 70's when her husband acquired the rights to the method from Paul. She still does--to this day--the final edit on every course that sees the light! ...

Selling our courses is what allows us to keep on working on new courses and updating existing courses (e.g., we entirely rewrote and rerecorded Korean late last year to adjust to the fast-changing nature of the Korean language.) The truth is that making a Pimsleur course is expensive. Each course is especially tailored to reflect the culture and grammar of the language while also carefully considering and applying the Pimsleur Method to each course. The seasoned Pimsleur editorial team works on every course with a native course writer as well as native informants to review the scripts. The whole process takes a year to write 30 lessons.
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13 April 2017 at 11:30am | IP Logged 
As a Pimsleur enthusiast, thank you for keeping us up-to-date here :)

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