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Use written japanese (specific instance)

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04 October 2017 at 7:23am | IP Logged 
please forgive me, i probably have worse language skills than when i first joined

not really sure where to ask something like this, reguarding japanese written language
i am wanting to use "uncle" as an honourific title.

looking the word up on, there is a few ways to write "uncle".
from what i infer some words (er characters) dont directly mean something,
as much as they are affected by or show, context.
"uncle" is written 伯父 ,
伯 can mean a few things, 父 means father, but looking up "father" you get 父親 which 親 has other meanings.
伯父 which if im understanding things, dosnt translate to, but means something like, older man associated with father (also theres a variant for younger)

then i find this one 伯父御, which im thinking is more, refering to someone as "uncle" out of respect or familiarity which is more like what im looking for.

other than correcting my thought process on how the language is working im wandering if, in the way i want to use it, can/should i remove the 父 , since (in my thinking) its there to show association with the father so to use "uncle" as an honourific title perhaps i should write it as 伯御 (which gives no results, on jisho)

thank you much, for tolerating me

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