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Anki card format for Kanji (Japanese)

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06 February 2018 at 8:50pm | IP Logged 
Hi everybody,

I have been reading this forum since a long time ago, it contains a lot of useful information, so thank you everybody. Now I have started to question my current anki deck structure, so I wanted to ask you all about your experiences and opinions.

I love the idea oflearning languages by absrobing grammar and vocabulary through reading, but with Japanese this has been really tedious without knowing Knaji. So I starting doing something that I generally avoid doing: drilling it with Anki.

Note that is my seccond attempt, my first one was using Kanjidamage 4 years ago, I got to 1k and just couldn't keep reviewing due to my life getting too busy suddenly.

I started using Kodansha now, and reached 460 Kanji in a month, more or less. But this time, instead of focusing on the Kanji meaning exclusively, I force myself to learn one or two words that contain that Kanji, all in the same flashcard. If I cannot remember the kanji meaning, and the word's meaning and pronunciation, I fail the card.

My problem is that, I usually have no trouble reviewing, but I fail the words often (no mnemonic), to the point when I have started to really slow down, failing more cards, and the review sessions last more than 1h and half for ~90 cards.

I was thinking that maybe it would be a better idea to put the words in a separate deck, and passthe Kanji cards if I get the associated English meaning right, without the words, then review the words in the other deck. Maybe drop the words completely? (But what use is 'knowing' a Kanji if you cannot associate it with any Japanese word)

So, before doing that, which would be a lot of work probably, I wanted to know what you think. Maybe I'm doing terribily wrong, and maybe you have better solutions that what I have thought, so let me know.

Thank you everybody!
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07 February 2018 at 8:09pm | IP Logged 
!Hola, arkhell!

In July, 2015, a new language forum was launched replacing this one which, for all practical purposes, lives on as an archive. I suggest that you register on the new forum and post your request there. Here is the LINK:


See you over there!
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