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Assimil old el francés sin esfuerzo audio

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03 November 2018 at 6:35pm | IP Logged 
   Hello all, I recently acquired the Assimil "el francés sin esfuerzo", which teaches you french from a
spanish base. The edition is either from 1973, or maybe from 1977. I find it's more thorough than the
last edition of the course, which I also have. This current edition has less text and the notes are
oversimplified. The old edition shows the full present conjugation of many verbs for example. And
even the pronunciation alphabet is way too oversimplified in the current edition. I don't know if the
alphabet in the old edition includes all the phonemes, but it is quite specific, whereas the current
edition only has two symbols to represent some sounds and the rest uses just Spanish letters.
   Anyways, it didn't come with the audios. Does anyone know where I could find them? I suppose that
all assimil french courses no matter the base language have the same audio.
   Thank you.

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05 November 2018 at 12:36am | IP Logged 
Your First Post
Hello, dokalthar. What, you joined this language forum 2020 days ago and this is your
first post? Now that is what I would call being an outlier! On a separate matter,
in consulting any of the sub-forums, you will notice that the posting dates clearly suggest
a much reduced level of activity over the past few years. What happened, did everyone
suddenly lose interest in studying languages? Well, no …

Historically Low Level of Activity
The HTLAL is, technologically speaking, a rather old platform that is difficult to
maintain. The recurring technical problems, along with a number of other issues, resulted
in the agonizing decision to (effectively) abandon the HTLAL as an active discussion board
and to replace it with one for which the technical maintenance is significantly easier.
The newer, replacement board was launched circa July, 2015. Since that time, most of the
more active members of the HTLAL have registered on the newer discussion board and they now
only rarely visit this board. This explains the lower level activity here. The HTLAL
continues to serve as a highly-appreciated archive; however, a quick review of the posting
dates reveals that the level of activity has declined to an historically low level.

Replacement Discussion Board
Now then, should you, or any of the longer-term members of the HTLAL who have recently
posted on this board, wish to communicate with a wider group of more active language-
learning enthusiasts, I suggest that you register on the REPLACEMENT language forum. Here
is the LINK:

A Language Learners' Forum (LLORG)

Assimil Audio Recordings
In answer to one of your questions, yes, all of the Assimil courses of a particular
"generation" contain the same audio recordings, irrespective of the base language. You may
wish to post your request on the new language forum. In my opinion, the manner in which
you formulated your question above is neutral. Nevertheless, you may wish to know that the
Moderators of the "A Language Learners' Forum" will delete any posts wherein the exchange
of copyrighted materials are discussed.

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