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Assimil - Le grec

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05 June 2020 at 6:54pm | IP Logged 
I just found out that a new edition of the greek language learning book was released: Le grec, by Jean-Pierre Guglielmi (Link).
I have already worked with "Le nouvel grec sans peine" that I liked very much.
Does anybody read it? Can you share your views about it?

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06 June 2020 at 7:42pm | IP Logged 
!Hola, Luk!

Speakeasy wrote:
Replacement Forum
You might wish to know that, owing to recurring technical and administrative issues which had rendered the regular maintenance of this forum a very difficult task, a replacement forum was launched in July 2015 as: A Language Learners’ Forum . Since that time, virtually all regular activity has ceased on this forum. I suggest that you register on the new forum and pose your questions to the members.

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07 June 2020 at 10:19pm | IP Logged 
I haven't used it, nor have I seen the entire book, but looking at the excerpts available at the site indicated, it seems that at least the first portion of the book has been very much watered down in comparison with previous versions:

The dialogue in lesson one consists of ONLY the following two lines:

Kalimera, Stavro!

The dialogue in lesson two:

Ya su, Kosta! Ti kanis?
Kala, ke esi?

And that's evidently all.

The sample pages for later lessons are more extensive, but I suspect that anyone who's already worked through a previous version might find this one to be not very challenging...

The pdf of the sample pages, from the Assimil site: 204_extrait.pdf
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19 June 2020 at 9:26pm | IP Logged 
The customer reviews on Amazon.FR of the latest generation of Assimil Le grec are very
positive: mostly 5 stars. A couple of the reviewers, who were familiar with the previous
generation of this course, felt that the progression in the previous version was too fast and
that the current version rectified this problem. Over the past couple of years, this type of
observation has been frequently expressed concerning the Assimil courses. Many students
welcome the slower pace of the newer versions; nevertheless, as to be expected, some students
decry a "dumbing down" of the product line.

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