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Arguing in German

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17 February 2007 at 2:24am | IP Logged 
When people argue I don't think they tend towards complicated verb constructions. Keeping it simple and direct gets your point across better.

Taking the first example with "etwas leid sein", what prevents somebody from getting the point out directly and fast:
Ich bin es leid! Dein Lügen, dein Betrug, wann willst du es aufhören!? or: Hör es auf!

My idea of a universal conlang is:

no declensions or conjugations (use pronouns)
syntax defines meaning
no plurals except pronouns
no duals
no articles, gender
no tenses, just adverbs
2 aspect markers to indicate continuation, completion/change
monosyllabic roots based on nostratic, compoundable
limited phonological inventory allowing (C)(C)V(C)

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