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Time Management

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01 March 2009 at 7:39pm | IP Logged 
The early morning hours are indeed the best time for study, last year I tried following this schedule (8 pm - 2 am), I was consistently studying more than 6 hours per day, much more than at any other time in my language study life. This year due to my school schedule, it is impossible to get up any sooner than 4 am and I notice that I study much less. However I found that at 6 hours per night I was undersleeping, I needed to sleep in a day a week to be able to keep it up. I think that sleeping and waking at fixed hours every day is not a good idea as it wouldn't be logical to assume we always need the same amount of sleep, sometimes we feel more tired and I would think it is logical to think that we need more sleep in wintertime, but to take advantage of the small hours I would fix my time of waking up but go to sleep in the evening at different times depending on how fatigued I feel.

Another important point is diet, obviously one should eliminate caffeine, alcohol, excessive sugar or any other stimulant for better sleep, but you should eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) consumption of meat and dairy products. I find that by adopting a vegan or even raw vegan diet, I not only need less sleep but also feel much more alert and energetic and I am able to concentrate much better. I don't experience that drowsy or lethargic feeling after dinner anymore.

I should also mention the importance of daily physical exercise, aerobic and anaerobic. This helps increase quality of sleep, which is perhaps more important than quantity of sleep.

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